Acid Washed: “Change” Remixes EP

Acid Washed: “Change” Remixes EP

Acid Washed, the duo of Andrew Claristidge & Richard D’Alpert, just dropped a new EP of “Change” remixes. And it’s yours for free. The five-track EP contains reworks by The Gets Down, Anteros & Thanaton, DJs Pareja, We Are Cassandre, and Kasper Winding/Kjeld Tolstrup (preview the whole thing here). Below, you can stream our favorite cuts from the EP, Anteros & Thanaton’s great take on the track, which was featured on La.Ga.Sta.’s Summer Compilation and Kasper Winding & Kjeld Tolstrup’s epic “Theme from Acid Washed the Television Series”. If that wasn’t enough, Acid Washed are putting the finishing touches to their new EP, “Prince Acid”, out soon on Records Makers. Can’t wait.

Change (Anteros & Thanaton remix) by Acid Washed

Change – Theme from Acid Washed the Television Series (K Winding + K Tolstrup remix) by Acid Washed

Download the entire EP via the duo’s Facebook page in exchange for a ‘Like’.


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