Grey Skies: “Sempre Viva”

Grey Skies: “Sempre Viva”

Dive into the wonderfully ambient landcapes of Elias Smilios’ new project Grey Skies. 

It’s a fact that we cannot be objective when reviewing a track. Music is something deeply personal that sometimes intrigues our minds, sometimes our heart and at times both of them. But there are times that we dare to admit that a track is objectively magnificent. And, dear riders, this is one of those times. The ones that you listen to a track again and again and you realise that this is a true soul’s deposit of an artist.

Grey Skies’ track “Sempre Viva” is the epitome of atmospheric ambient electronica that offers you a unique ride to the most beautiful musical landscapes, intriguing both our minds and hearts. The synths are so brilliantly blended that sound like an electronic symphonic orchestra. And the alto saxophone of Thanasis Sampaziotis Macubert is simply fantastic, adding a twist of jazz attitude. As its creator states, “Sempre Viva is one of the tracks that make you feel proud when you realise that it is your own creation. A sense of redemption overwhelmed me by the time I finished its composition, switched off the lights, and made its first full hearing.”

The man behind the curtains is Greek musician Elias Smilios, who released his first LP “Year” under his Grey Skies alias earlier this month. Grey Skies is a project that sets out to create wonderfully bent landscapes of mysterious worlds.

“Year” is a fully realised concept throughout its presentation from the music to artwork and video pieces that accompany its release. A neatly crafted one by our beloved independent record label Fair Weather Friends; something they achieve every single time. FWF Records is based somewhere between London (England) and Thessaloniki (Greece), always focusing on music that has the potential to be both relevant and timeless. Well done; that’s another mesmerising trip.

The “Year” LP is out via Fair Weather Friends Records. Pick up your copy here.


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