Grandbrothers: “Arctica” Video

Grandbrothers: “Arctica” Video

Grandbrothers, the German duo of Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel, have shared a new video for “Arctica”, one of the standout cuts from their recent debut album “Dilation”. The video was made by graphic moving imagemakers Warped Type . In Grandbrothers’ own words: “We use a system of self-built hammers that trigger all parts (metal, wood, strings) of the grand piano in order to create all the sounds you hear including percussions. On stage that looks like an open heart surgery on the grand piano with a lot of cables attached. We wanted to visualise that with the new video for Arctica.”

Grandbrothers’ album “Dilation” is out now via Berlin-based label FILM. Buy it here.

Grandbrothers: “Wuppertal”


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