Echonomist: “Virtuality”

Echonomist: “Virtuality”

Greek producer debuts on Innervisions with a great new EP. 

Following on from the silky deepness of “Back to Mine”, his standout contribution to the compilation “Dixon Presents Transmoderna”, Greek producer and DJ Petros Manganaris, aka Echonomist, now steps to the fore with his debut EP for Innervisions, a great six-tracker called “Virtuality”.

Inspired by the surrealistic album art of Orbital’s iconic 1994 album “Snivilisation”–where a God-like figure sits on a holy throne, his face obscured by a virtual reality headset–”Virtuality” is as relevant now as three decades ago, and is charted hire sonically with compelling soundscapes of inner and outer worlds. Get your fill of the record’s ace title track and enjoy the ride.

The “Virtuality” EP is out now digitally via Innervisions. Get it here.


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