Annie: “American Cars”

Annie: “American Cars”

Annie brings us ’80s synth-pop perfection.

After a long, long wait, Norwegian pop artist Annie makes a welcome return with her gorgeous new single “American Cars”, the first single off her upcoming third LP, “Dark Hearts”, set to drop in October 16th. It marks her first album in 11 years since “Don’t Stop”, which was released all the way back in 2009.

The new album, produced by Sound of Arrows’ Stefan Storm, is described as “the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist.” The record’s first single “American Cars” is partly inspired by David Cronenberg’s Crash. As she says, “I did a lot of recording while I was pregnant, puking while I was singing. Stefan had to go out to buy me liquorice, but I still managed to do some quite good vocals.”

Take a ride with Annie’s “American Cars”, an ’80s synth-pop perfection.

Pre-order the album “Dark Hearts” here.


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