E Ruscha V: “Carried Away” Video

E Ruscha V:
“Carried Away” Video

Directed by Dustin Lynn.

LA-based artist Eddie Ruscha recently dropped his superb first album “Who Are You” on Tim Sweeney’s label Beats In Space Records under his given name E Ruscha V. The album marks his second release for the label after 2013’s “Tactile Galactics” under the Secret Circuit moniker. Ruscha describes the nine-track record “Who Are You” as spanning states “from calm to ecstatic but mostly in-between these.” This description points toward the liminal atmospherics of the music, which dispose of the many hallmark genre traces that informed Secret Circuit’s galactic journeying. For “Who Are You”, Ruscha was content to wander more intimate environments, in search of an uncharted music rippling with humble discovery. Watch the video for “Carried Away” above, and check out the album’s great title track below.

E Ruscha V’s album “Who Are You” is out now via Beats In Space Records.

Buy it here.


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