David August: “Patria” (feat. Sissi Rada)

David August: “Patria” (feat. Sissi Rada)

German house producer David Nattkemper, aka David August, has something special to share with all of you, a brilliantly crafted new track called “Patria” with Greek lyrics. Featuring vocals from Sissi Rada, the harpist of his eponymous ensemble, “Patria” is an emotive piece of downtempo house and Rada’s Greek lyrics reflect on the country’s current economic crisis and its effect on her life and loved ones.

“Her lyrics are about the devastating political and financial situation in Greece and I tried – as much as I could do – to reflect that with my music. ‘Patria’ is my contribution for all the lost souls of this earth,” says David August. Grab it for absolutely free below.

Download it for free here.

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