Darius & FKJ: “Ô”

Darius & FKJ: “Ô”

Next month, Parisian label Roche Musique will drop its first compilation called “.wave”, a selection of ten tracks from the label’s impressive roster. It will feature contributions from Kartell and Zimmer with previously released standouts, as well as four exclusive collaborative tracks between Darius & FKJ, Dabeull & Cézaire, Crayon & Jordan Lee, and Cézaire & FKJ. The compilation contains everything you’d expect from Roche Musique, a tight blend of house, nu-soul, French Touch, R&B and disco. Here’s the first single “Ô”, a smooth collaboration tune between Darius and FKJ. Nothing but cool vibes.

Roche Musique’s “.wave” compilation will drop on August 21th. Pre-order it here.

Zimmer: “Galapagos”


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