Cut Copy: “Like Breaking Glass (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)”

Cut Copy: “Like Breaking Glass (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)”


Tailor made for sun-soaked car rides.

The remixes of Cut Copy’s tracks off their recent sixth studio album “Freeze, Melt” just keep on coming. Next in line is the mighty Jacques Lu Cont, aka Stuart Price, who lends his magic touch to Cut Copy’s “Like Breaking Glass’, one of record’s standout cuts. The result is a more upbeat and uplifiting version with a New Order-ish feel tailor made for sun-soaked car rides.

Speaking about the remix, Cut Copy’s frontman Dan Whitford says, “Receiving a remix from Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont) is something that I probably never thought would happen. In the last fifteen years, his career has taken him outside of our world and into the realm of pop super producers working with multi-million selling artists. But early in his career, his music under the moniker Les Rythmes Digitales, Zoot Woman and Paper Faces – he was a real inspiration. LRD, in particular, gave me hope of turning tracks I’d made as a no-name bedroom producer with a couple of synths and sampler into something people might want to dance to. The sounds and personality of his music was a real inspiration in an era dominated by generic funky house, and so it’s really such a unique honour to have him approach us to do work on this remix many years later.”

The remix of “Like Breaking Glass” by Jaqcues Le Cont is out now via Cutters Records. Get it here.


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