Curses: 1988 Mixtape

Curses: 1988

A Year in Music Mixtape

Curses, the dark and romantic moniker from New York City native, Berlin-based producer and DJ Luca Venezia, is next in line to contribute a mix to La.Ga.Sta’s ongoing series of mixtapes based on our co-drivers favourite year in music. The prolific producer “drives through” his favourite year, 1988, and delivers a killer mixtape. It’s a great ride from start to finish. Give it a spin above, and ride with us.


01. The Weathermen – Tar Pit
02. Cabaret Voltaire – Your Agent Man
03. Johnson Engineering Co – Block Mania
04. Borghesia – Na Smrtno Kazen/Sentenced to Death
05. A Split-Second – The Bellydance
06. Snowy Red – Euroshima (Wardance)
07. Public Relation – Eighty Eight (Original Mix)
08. Taste Of Sugar – Hmm Hmm
09. Skinny Puppy – Testure
10. Revolting Cocks – (Let’s Get) Physical
11. Tribantura – Getting Hurt or Killed
12. Suicide – Wild in Blue
13. Confetti’s – The Sound of C (Original ’88 Version)
14. Godflesh – Wounds
15. Robotiko Rejekto – Rejekto (Layout Mix)
16. Love and Rockets – Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
17. Alien Sex Fiend – Bun – Ho!
18. Invisible Limits – Supplying Demand
19. Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Success (Balaeracidic 12″ Mix)
20. The Cassandra Complex – Ghost Rider
21. The Sisters of Mercy – Dominion (12” Edit)
22. Severed Heads – All Saints Day
23. MCL – New York, New York (Midnight Mix)

Artwork: Monoscopic


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