Cold Beat: “Double Sided Mirror Remixes” EP

Cold Beat: “Double Sided Mirror Remixes” EP

A stellar collection of club tracks for a world stuck at home.

Featuring reworks from Stephen Mallinder, Hardway Bros, and Cooper Saver.

San Francisco’s Cold Beat have returned with their “Double Sided Mirror Remixes” EP, a stellar collection of club tracks for a world stuck at home. This was one of the last projects Jonathan Galkin commissioned before he left DFA in July 2020. The band decided to self-release the remixes on the one year anniversary of their LP “Mother”, which featured “Double Sided Mirror” as a single. “’Double Sided Mirror’ encapsulated a feeling of distance, an unknown timeline, and a deep desire to reconnect, reconcile. A grief for the old world, and a torch to it. We’re all disappeared, we’re all a click away,” says Cold Beat’s Hannah Lew.

The “Double Sided Mirror Remixes” EP features reworks by the likes of Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder, who creates a hypnotic, bass-heavy track, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Cooper Saver, who delivers a remix that stretches the original track across a sprawling panorama – spacious, lo-fi, expansive, and a great remix in the krautrock style from Sean Johnson under his Hardway Bros moniker and Duncan Gray. The EP closes out with a playful manipulation of the earliest demo, with Lew’s vocalizations appearing in place of unwritten lyrics.

One of our favorite cuts from the EP is the “Hardway Brothers Meet Monkton Noch Einmal” remix by Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros and Duncan Gray, who were regular collaborators of the late, great Andrew Weatherall. Featuring newly re-recorded vocals from Lew, the remix flips the emotional core of the original track, transformed it into an optimistic, swinging dance affair. Blast it below.

The “Double Sided Mirror Remixes” EP is out now via Cold Beat’s Bandcamp page.

Get it here.


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