Club Intl: “Crush” Video

Club Intl: “Crush” Video


Johnny Jewel directs the video for Club Intl’s synth-driven debut single “Crush”. 

Directed and edited by Johnny Jewel.

Club Intl, the latest project from NYC musician John Eatherly and his longtime collaborator Maxwell Kamins, joins the Italians Do It Better family with their infectious synth-driven debut single “Crush”, produced by Johnny Jewel. The project came to fruition when the East Village basement studio John Eatherly records in, had a nightclub built directly on top of it.

“All of a sudden there was this nightclub above our clubhouse,” Eatherly explains. “The energy from upstairs & seeing hundreds of kids just wilding out every night, started seeping into what we were working on downstairs.” Eatherly and Maxwell Kamins channeled this energy into a new band called, Club Intl. The duo’s debut single “Crush” is out now via Italians Do It Better.

Get yourself a copy here.


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