Chromeo: “Drive Time”

Chromeo: “Drive Time”

You got lost on the road and you need some guidance? Let Chromeo’s electro-funk beats guide you through the streets. Chromeo have just released, “Drive Time”, an exclusive voicepack on Own Voice for Nokia SatNav. It’s the world’s shortest album ever made, which clocks in at only 3 minutes and 3 seconds despite having an impressive 55 tiny songs. The record breaking album was recorded at the Stratosphere Sound Studios in New York City, and mixed in London by legendary producer Dave Bascombe (Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Tears For Fears). In their own words: “We felt our fans were lost and needed some guidance. They needed to know when to turn, and where to turn, and what direction to turn. It’s our role as entertainers to guide them.” Preview Chromeo’s “Drive Time” and get it for free here. Shame we don’t have a car!

Turn Left:

Turn Left by drivetime-download


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