Chilly Gonzales: “Freudian Slippers”

Chilly Gonzales: “Freudian Slippers”

Canadian maestro Chilly Gonzales has finally unveiled the first taste of his upcoming new album “Chambers”, a record for piano and string quartet, in the form of “Freudian Slippers” and it’s a thing of pure beauty. Inspired by the deepening relationship with Hamburg’s Kaiser Quartett, the long-awaited follow-up to his 2012 LP “Solo Piano II” is said to find Chilly Gonzales re-imagining Romantic-era chamber music as today’s addictive pop. The album “Chambers” will arrive on March 23th via Gentle Threat Ltd. Give “Freudian Slippers” a spin above and pre-order your copy here.

Chilly Gonzales & P. Morris: “Late Visitor”


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