Bot’Ox: “The Face Of Another” Video

Bot’Ox: “The Face Of Another” Video

After releasing the singles “Basement Love” and “2.4.1”, French electro duo Bot’Ox, aka Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz, unveils the weird animated video for “The Face Of Another”, the fantastic disco pop third single from their upcoming second album, “Sans Dormir”. It featuring ethereal vocals from Anna Jean, the voice of “Blue Steel” single from their previous LP, “Babylon By Car”.

“The Face Of Another” EP arrives on April 15th on Cosmo Vitelli’s label, I’m a Cliché, backed with five remixes by the likes of Tevo Howard, Golden Bug, K-X-P, Raudive and Tuff City Kids.

Directed by French graphic designer Flokim Lucas.


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