Bot’Ox: “Basement Love” Video

Bot’Ox: “Basement Love” Video

Bot’Ox, Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz, have just unveiled the official video for their brilliant new single “Basement Love”, which features Foremost Poets, aka Johnny Dangerous on vocals. The duo’s upcoming second album, “Sans Dormir”, will be released as six EPs like “six volumes forming a single story” with each surfacing every two months. The first piece of the puzzle, the “Basement Love” EP, is out now via I’m a Cliché. Just in case you missed it, grab Pachanga Boys’ remix of “Basement Love” for free below. Pure love.

Directed by Pablo Padovani.

Update: Download “Basement Love” here

mpFree: Bot’Ox: “Basement Love” [Pachanga Boys Point Of View]


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