Bot’Ox are Still Going

Bot’Ox are Still Going

La.Ga.Sta.’s favourite Bot’Ox (Benjamin Boguet, the half of Tekel and the whole of Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffar) re-released their amazing single ‘Blue Steel’, complete with new remixes from DFA’s Still Going, Para One & Tacteel, I:Cube, Hannulelauri and a bonus instrumental version from Azari & III. Their long-awaited debut LP ‘Babylon By Car’ is coming out on October 25th via I’m A Cliché and features some of the band past tunes and a lot of unreleased material. Until then, Bot’Ox are Still Going. Vrooommmm!

Bot’Ox: ‘Blue Steel [Still Going remix]’ [mp3]

Bot’Ox ‘Blue Steel’ remix EP is out now. Buy here.

In case you missed it, watch the hypnotic video for ‘Blue Steel’ here.


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