Citizenn: “Tied”

Citizenn: “Tied”

Midlands-born, London-based retro-futurist house producer Laurence Blake, who recently added an extra “n” onto his moniker, from Citizen to Citizenn, is someone we’ve following closely for a good while now. With many quality tunes under his belt, Citizenn is now gearing up for the release of his debut album, called “Human Interface”, set to drop on June 15th on Crosstown Rebels. Our first taste from that forthcoming record comes in the form of “Tied”, a “trip into house’s classic years, raw with diva-esque vocals from Aisha and New York flavour.” It’s definitely worth a few spins.

The single “Tied”, which comes complete with remixes by the likes of Denney, Murk, and Adesse Versions, will drop on May 18th via Crosstown Rebels.

Citizenn: “BE” (12″ Version)


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