Body Music: “Just One”

Body Music: “Just One”

Say hello to Body Music, a collaborative project between The Rapture’s Vito Roccoforte, who also operates as one half of Vito & Druzzi and Boston’s producer and multi-instrumentalist Bosq. Bonding over a mutual love for raw, funky disco, house music and jazzy gospel piano licks, the two began passing unfinished ideas back and forth until a debut EP took shape.

Entitled “Just One”, the well-crafted record features four tracks of all-original deep disco flavor. Here, we have the EPs title track, a disco-house stomper featuring vocals from Christian Holiday and the groove-filled “Drum Mix” of the b-side cut “Get It Baby”. The record comes complete with two reworks by Lay-Far and Patchworks.

The “Just One” EP is out now on Razor-N-Tape. Pick up your 12” here.


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