Black Van: “Moments Of Excellence” (feat. Holy Ghost!)

Black Van: “Moments Of Excellence” (feat. Holy Ghost!)

Black Van (aka Kris Menace and KoweSix) and Holy Ghost!, were so thrilled by the result of their first mash up “Holy Mashopolis!” (the instrumental of “Yearning” and the vocals of “I Will Come Back” on top), that they decided to work on an original song together. Originally the vocal version of “Moments Of Excellence” was supposed to come out on the first Black Van EP for Permanent Vacation, but it didn’t happen.
Now the new version of “Moments Of Excellence” will be released digitally on May 13 via Permanent Vacation, backed with a blazing remix by Aeroplane and a brand new Black Van track “Express”. You can stream Holy Ghost!’s version of Black Van’s “Moments Of Excellence” below. Moments of excellence indeed…

Black Van – Moments Of Excellence w Holy Ghost!

Pre-order your copy here.

mp3: Holy Ghost! vs. Black Van [I Will Come Back vs. Yearning]: Holy Mashopolis!


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