Cosmic Kids & Fingerpaint: “Manteiga”

Cosmic Kids & Fingerpaint: “Manteiga”

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Cosmic Kids, the Los Angeles-based disco/house duo of Ron Poznansky and Dan Terndrup, here at La.Ga.Sta. We have been following them since the release of their amazing 2011 debut single “Reginald’s Groove” on Throne Of Blood and featuring all of their quality stuff. Needless to say, these guys rarely, if ever, disappoint us.

The same goes for their new four-track EP, “Reality On The Horizon” on one of our favorite labels, Let’s Play House. The EP’s lead track, “Manteiga”, a collaboration between Cosmic Kids with Classixx’s Tyler Blake under his moniker Fingerpaint, is almost seven minutes of silky-smooth disco-jam goodness. No surprise that the name of the track means butter in Portugese. The release also includes two original tracks, “Higgs Boson” and “Whisper Softly” by Cosmic Kids, as well as a new track,”Change Yr Mind”, by Fingerpaint. All great, and definitely worth checking out.

Cosmic Kids & Fingerpaint’s “Reality On The Horizon” EP arrives on vinyl on March 25th via Let’s Play House. It will be followed by a digital release on April 7th. Pick up your 12” here and stream Cosmic Kids’ “Whisper Softly” below. Fill it up!

mpFree: Local Natives: “Breakers” [Cosmic Kids Remix]


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