Benoit & Sergio: “Different Place”

Benoit & Sergio: “Different Place”

After a two-year hiatus, Benoit & Sergio, the Berlin-by-the-way-of-Rome duo of Benoit Simon and Benjamin Meyer, are finally back with a new EP, titled “You Eat You Want”. The three-tracker marks the duo’s first release since a pair of quality EPs for Soul Clap Records and Leftroom Limited in late 2015. Our first taste from the forthcoming record comes in the form of the 10-minute epic “Different Place” that aims straight for the dancefloor. With its thick bassline, acid touches, robotic vocal bits and sustained sense of tension, “Different Place” is pure fire.

Benoit & Sergio’s “You Eat You Want” EP arrives on July 3 on Angeles-based label Culprit.

Pre-order it here.


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