Beacon: “Preserve”

Beacon: “Preserve”

Brooklyn-based electronic duo Beacon, consisting of Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett, return to Ghostly International with their sophomore album “Escapements”, following from 2013’s debut album “The Ways We Separate” and last year’s “L1” EP. Set to drop on February 5th, the new 11-track record was recorded over the course of nine months at Beacon’s Brooklyn home studio and Gary’s Electric.

Where “The Ways We Separate” was about space, “Escapements” is about time. The title is taken from clock mechanics; escapements are timekeeping regulators designed to transfer energy at a constant pace. “I was attracted to this concept because of the entropy it implies,” Mullarney explains. “Friction and changes in amplitude over time mean every escapement, no matter how well crafted, will lose its accuracy and effectively slow down time via its own decay.”

Our first taste of Beacon’s upcoming effort comes in the form of “Preserve”, a finely crafted tune driven by Mullarney’s soft, aching vocals. Give it a spin or two above, and pre-order your copy of “Escapements” here.

Beacon: “Fault Lines”


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