Balako: “Hora De Balako”

Balako: “Hora De Balako”

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Balako, the duo of Rodrigo Peirão and Diogo Strausz, land on Joe Goddard’s label Greco-Roman with their incredible debut single “Hora De Balako”. It’s an infectious slice of Latin-flavored disco that’s perfect for your next summer rides.

The Brazilian duo aren’t about making music to fit. Their styles range from techno and house to salsa and carimbo, blending 70’s disco and funk in the process and creating something both retro sounding and current. The word Balako derives from an 80’s Brazilian slang word which fittingly translates as – ‘a good type of mess.’ The single “Hora De Balako” comes with a retro video, which Balako’s Rodrigo Peirão co-directed with Mauro Lima.

“Hora De Balako” is out now on Greco-Roman. Get it here


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