Bag Raiders: “Nairobi (Hemingway Remix)”

Bag Raiders: “Nairobi (Hemingway Remix)”

Toronto-based producer James Harris, aka Hemingway, has nailed it once again with this excellent Afro-funk remix of Bag Raiders’ dancefloor-ready jam “Nairobi”, taken from their recent “Nairobi/Savannah” EP on Modular. In Hemingway’s capable hands, the original cut has turned into something completely different, a laid-back sunshine affair with trumpets, guitar and even banjo that creates a longing for a summer gone by. Much more a rework than your average remix, this version of “Nairobi” is pure class. Grab it for free below.

Download here [wav]

Stream: Hemingway: “Winding Rhodes”
mpFree: Lindstrøm: “Vōs-Sākō-Rv” [Hemingway Remix]


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