Axel Boman: “Sunrise Over Slussen”

Axel Boman: “Sunrise Over Slussen”

Swedish producer and Studio Barnhus label co-founder Axel Boman has returned in fine form with his great three-track EP called “Moon Dancer”, which marks the debut release from Third Try Records, a newly-founded label based in Paris. Named after an area of Stockholm connecting Lake Mälaren to the Baltic Sea, the fittingly titled “Sunrise Over Slussen” finds Axel Boman delivering a beauty of a tune with an old-timey piano riff, playful melodies, and a definite vintage feel. Give it a spin below and drive slow.

The “Moon Dancer” EP, a vinyl-only 12” release limited to 500 copies with a hand-printed sleeve, is out now on Third Try Records. Buy it here.


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