Arches: “There’s A Place”

Arches: “There’s A Place”

Here we go. We’ve been waiting for this great tune to come out since we first heard it in The Magician’s Magic Tape 33 back in May. That’s right, we’re talking about “There’s A Place”, the powerful debut single from Belgian dance duo Arches, a new collaborative project between Seba Vandevoorde, aka Moonlight Matters, and Jochen Sablon (of Sound Of Stereo). This track will definitely do some serious dancefloor damage. You can now preview it above.

“There’s A Place”, which is basically a rework of Diana Ross’ 1995 hit single “Take Me Higher”, drops on April 7th via Columbia. The single will come backed by B-side “Move On”, featuring vocals from Gustaph (of Hercules and Love Affair), along with remixes from Sinden and Russ Chimes.

As a bonus, you can still grab a free download of Arches’ pumping rework of Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” here. Fill it up!


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