Orthy: “Night Touch”

Orthy: “Night Touch”

Austin-based electronic outfit Orthy, fronted by bedroom musician Ian Orth, recently dropped their second EP “E.M.I.L.Y.” on Dither Down, which includes four tracks from the talented artist, all of which are “steeped in the timeless tableaux of youth, life, and the carefree confidence love allows.” We’ve already seen the video and heard Vampire Weekend’s bassist Baio great remix of the EPs title track, and now we can share with you another superb track “Night Touch”, which might just be our favorite cut from that release, that grows on you with every listen. Let it ride.

Orthy’s new EP “E.M.I.L.Y.”, which follows their 2011 debut EP “Sueños” for Wurst Records, is out now via Dither Down. You can preview the whole thing here.


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