Andras: “Honeybird”

Andras: “Honeybird”

Melbourne’s producer Andras will finally drop his first full length solo album, entitled “Joyful”, on January 31 via Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space Records. According to the label, the seven-track record is “a cornucopic vision rooted in the decay of dance music from one of Australia’s most distinct yet understated musical voices. Cutting a path through an overgrowth of nostalgia around 70s acid folk and 90s acid house, Joyful is an invitation to till an old garden under a glistening new light”.

Dedicated to Australia’s plentiful population of nectar feeding birds, “Honeybird,” the first offering from “Joyful”, spins a ring-shaped melody through space. Webbed with angelic pads and warm piano notes and uplifted by ricocheting percussion, the repeated punctuation of its namesake becomes a subtle mantra. Watch the video for “Honeybird”, directed Josephine Ravitz and Max Ravitz, below.

Pre-order the “Joyful” LP here.


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