Knightlife Edits
Knightlife Edits

La.Ga.Sta.’s “An Edit To Remember” series continues with not one, but two great reworks from Melbourne-based producer Mike Gamwell, aka Knightlife. While still preparing his upcoming release for Cutters Records, Knightlife was kind enough to give away two special edits of Fleetwood Mac’s “World Turning” and Kenny Rogers’ “Living With You” for absolutely free. Get your fill of both edits below, and read what the man himself says about his reworks.

“What a tune. Always wanted to play this out but it lacked the weird Yamaha freakouts and extended breakdown it now has. East-coast-hillbilly-stomping-proto.”

“A song that my mum loves. I am officially a cool guy. This was a way out of a slow day that turned into a (sort of) low-slung synth jam. I like it and the people I played it for seemed to enjoy it. They were wasted though.”


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