40 Thieves & Gary Davis: “Spaghettified”

40 Thieves & Gary Davis: “Spaghettified”

An uplifting affair that celebrates the better side of life.

The long overdue return of 40 Thieves to Permanent Vacation with a new track in collaboration with legendary Gary Davis.

Thirteen years after their classic “Don’t Turn It Off”, featuring Qzen, San Francisco’s 40 Thieves make a long overdue return to Permanent Vacation with a superb new song called “Spaghettified”. The track was recorded with the legendary disco impresario Gary Davis, best known for his band, Sanction, providing backing tracks to the majority of output from Peter Brown and Patrick Adams P&P Records circa the late ’70s and early ’80s.

“We teamed up with the legendary Gary Davis to imagine what it was like to make some real disco, and then reimagined what it might sound like a billion years from now.”

Fast forward to summer 2020… Everything and everyone is on lockdown. Gary Davis and Layne Fox from 40 Thieves mask-up for a couple of hours to goof off and record some tracks together in-person for the first time, no expectations other than a long overdue meeting and break from the insanity. After a few hours of editing and mixing “Spaghettified” was born. The name represents the time we all went through in 2020, pulled apart, isolated in space and time, indeed some of the deepest and heavier times of our lives.

Unlike its name, however, “Spaphettified” offers a stark contrast for 2021…relying on familiar, uplifting melodies, strings and solos that could only be used to celebrate the better side of life, and done so in a voice that is unmistakably Gary’s own. The release comes backed with Corey and Layne’s “40 Thieves dub version” full of electrified percussion and their signature synth-dub sensibilities.

Welcome back!

“Spaghettified” is out now via Permanent Vacation.

Get it here.


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