Tuff City Kids with Annie: “Labyrinth (Morgan Geist Remix)”

October 13th, 2016

Tuff City Kids, the production duo of German producer Phillip Lauer and Running Back boss Gerd Janson, will drop their debut full-length album “Adoldesscent” tomorrow on Permanent Vacation, and it’s a great ride from start to finish. We’ve already heard the club mix of the record’s first single “Labyrinth”, a perfect slice of ’80s dance-pop featuring Norwegian electro-pop star Annie. Here’s a seriously classy rework of the original track from New York house maestro Morgan Geist. It’s guaranteed to light up any dancefloor.

Tuff City Kids’ debut album “Adoldesscent” also features guest appearances from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, Kelley Polar, and Jasnau. Get it here.

Tuff City Kids: “Highlights” (feat. Shan)

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Tuff City Kids with Annie: “Labyrinth”

August 31st, 2016

Tuff City Kids, the production duo of German producer Phillip Lauer and Running Back boss Gerd Janson, return with their stellar new track “Labyrinth”, the first taste off their upcoming first LP “Adoldesscent”. The single “Labyrinth”, which marks the pair’s first full vocal track, is a delicious disco affair featuring vocals from Norwegian electro-pop star Annie. You can stream the seven-minute club mix of “Labyrinth” above. Set to drop on October 14th on Permanent Vacation, the 10-track album also features guest appearances from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, Kelley Polar, and Jasnau.

The “Labyrinth” EP, which comes complete with a remix by New York house maestro Morgan Geist, a rework by Tuff City Kids themselves, and a “Drum & Bass dub” by mysterious DJ Oyster, will arrive on September 23. Pre-order it here.

Tuff City Kids: “Highlights” (feat. Shan)

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Annie: “Endless Vacation” EP

October 6th, 2015

After a long wait, Norwegian electro-pop star Annie is finally back with her new EP called “Endless Vacation”, which follows last year’s protest track “Russian Kiss” and 2013’s “A&R” EP. Set to drop on October 16 via Pleasure Masters, the four-track record sees Annie team up with longtime collaborator Richard X to deliver a fine collection of synth-pop goodness. You can now stream two tracks from the EP, the tropical-flavored “Cara Mia” that has a great ’90s piano-house feel and the insanely catchy eurodance gem “Dadaday”.

You can pre-order the “Endless Vacation” EP here.

Annie: “Back Together”


Annie: “Hold On”

July 16th, 2013

Earlier this month, Norwegian pop star Annie premiered her incredibly catchy new single “Back Together”, co-written by Little Boots. Now, we’ve got our hands on this beautiful new track “Hold On”, a shimmering electro-pop gem from her upcoming five-track EP “A&R”, which was co-written and produced by Richard X. It’s always nice to hear something new from Annie.

Annie’s “A&R” EP drops on August 5th via Richard X’s label Pleasure Masters.


Annie: “Back Together”

July 3rd, 2013

Norwegian pop princess Annie is back with a brand new five-track EP, called “A&R”, which was produced by Richard X. The release marks her first recorded material to surface since 2009’s album “Don’t Stop”. Before its release on August 5th via Richard X’s label Pleasure Masters, you can now stream the EPs opening track “Back Together”, which was co-written by Little Boots. And it’s incredibly catchy.

In case you missed it, check out Annie’s track “Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts” that we posted back in April. Below, you can watch the video for “Take A Look At The World”, her collaboration with Ralph Myerz. Let’s take a ride…

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Annie: “Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts” Video

April 26th, 2013

Feels like forever since we last heard from Norwegian pop sensation Annie, but now she’s back with a brand new single, called “Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts”, which according to her label, is a “tribute to the rave culture in the early ninties.”

This is the first taste from her upcoming new EP, which was produced by Richard X. In the meantime, you can watch the video for the track above. Welcome back, Annie.

“Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts” arrives on May 1st via Totally Records.


La.Ga.Sta.’s Best Remixes Of 2010

December 25th, 2010

Midnight Magic: ‘Beam Me Up’ [Jacques Renault Remix]
James Curd: ‘Got To Have’ [Flight Facilities Remix]
Aeroplane: ‘Superstar’ [The Krays Remix]
The Chemical Brothers: ‘Swoon’ [Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix]
Breakbot: ‘Baby I’m Yours’ [Aeroplane Remix]
Monarchy: ‘Love Get Out Of My Way’ (Holy Ghost [Feat.Dixon] Remix)
The Glass: ‘Four Four Letter’ [Black Van Remix]
Jori Hulkkonen: ‘I Am Dead’ [Hercules & Love Affair Remix]
Telonius: ‘Hit Me’ [Bottin Remix]
Mark Ronson: ‘Bang Bang Bang’ [U-Tern’s Disco Dub]
Gorillaz: “Stylo” [Alex Metric Remix]
The Aikiu: ‘The Red Kiss’ [The Magician “Precious 80s” Dub]
Robyn: ‘Indestructible [A-Trak Remix]
Slice & Soda: ‘Year Of The Dragon’ [Villa Remix]
New Young Pony Club: ‘Chaos’ [Rory Phillips Remix]
Bot’Ox: ‘Blue Steel’ [Still Going Remix]
MGMT: ‘Congratulations’ [Erol Alkan Rework]
Thieves Like Us: ‘Forget Me Not’ [Cécile Small Town Girl Remix]
Headman: ‘Fluctuation’ [Tim Goldsworthy Remix]
Tape To Tape: ‘The Devil Made Me Do It…I’ [The C90s Remix]
The Supermen Lovers: ‘Take a Chance’ [Herr Styler Remix]
Ali Love: ‘Moscow Girl’ [Mustang Remix]
Luke Million: ‘Italo Journey’ [Mighty Mouse Remix]
Massive Attack: ‘Paradise Circus’ [Gui Boratto Remix]
Two Door Cinema Club: ‘Something Good Can Work’ [The Twelves Remix]
Villa: ‘Beats Of Love’ [Mylo Remix]
The C90s: ‘Shine A Light’ [Midnight Savari Remix]
Shit Robot: ‘Take ‘Em Up’ [Marcus Marr Remix]
Korallreven: ‘The Truest Faith’ [CFCF Remix]
HEALTH: ‘In Heat [Javelin Remix]‘
Patrick Wolf: ‘Time Of My Life’ [Leo Zero Dub]
Deradoorian: ‘You Carry The Deed’ [Hidden Cat Remix]
Matthew Dear: ‘You Put A Smell On Me’ [Breakbot Remix]
Hot Chip: ‘Take It In’ [Osborne Remix]
The xx: ‘Shelter’ [John Talabot’s Feel it too Remix]
Foals: ‘Spanish Sahara’ [Deadboy Remix]
Florence and the Machine: ‘Hurricane Drunk’ [The Horrors Remix]
Yeasayer: ‘Madder Red [Munk Remix]‘
Annie: ‘Songs Remind Me of You’ [The Swiss & Donnie Sloan Remix]
Glasser: ‘Tremel’ [Astronomer Remix]

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Events: November 2010

November 3rd, 2010

Hurts in Athens/June 2010/Photo: Konstantinos Panapakidis

Lagasta’s recommended events of November in Athens/Thessaloniki:

Partizan, Thessaloniki, Nov 5
Η ομάδα ‘Can You Relate?’ καλεί Bottin. Δεν έχουμε καλύτερο!

Galaxy Bar, Hilton, Nov 6 / Shark Club, Thessaloniki, Nov 7
Mετά από τόσες πτήσεις έχουμε πλέον βγάλει φτερά!

Fuzz, Athens, Nov 12 / Block 33, Thessaloniki, Nov 13
Αν πας (που θα πας) φέρε μου την τσατσάρα του Theo…

Swing Club, Athens, Nov 12 – Free Entrance
Tα λέμε λίγο μετά τις 12…Ξέρεις εσύ…

Bios, Athens, Nov 12
Όλα στις 12 του μήνα; Mα, δεν μας λυπάται κανείς; Para nada!

Six D.O.G.S., Athens, Nov 13
Hit Me! Hit Me! Hit Me! Aπό την ομάδα ‘Mirage’.

Fantaseed, Athens, Nov 18 / Partizan, Thessaloniki, Nov 19
Έρχεται για πρώτη φορά για DJ set. Την επόμενη φορά θέλουμε live…

Bios, Athens, Nov 19
Riton και DJ Mehdi μαζί στο νέο event του Κορμοράνου. Δεν το χάνεις με τίποτα.

Philipp Champagne Bar, Athens, Nov 20 – Free Entrance
Tο νέο event της ομάδας BeDazzler δαγκώνει. Πας με τον σκύλο σου…

Art House, Thessaloniki, Nov 26
Can You Relate? Αν δεν έχεις μουστάκι, να βάλεις. Καγκελωτό!

Skull Bar, Athens, Nov 27 – Free Entrance
Yes it does!! Sure it does!!: Αυτό τα λέει όλα. More than…Zero!


NEXT: Plissken Festival, La Roux (DJ set), Mighty Mouse, Tape To Tape, Chromatics…

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Interview: The Swiss

October 27th, 2010

The last time they were in Athens our feet hurt from dancing. Our favourite live disco band The Swiss from Adelaide is back in town. Tonight the three piece (Sidwho?, Tony Mitolo and Luke Million) are performing at Bios. Do us a favour and don’t miss this one. The Swiss found some the time to drop a line to Last Gas Station about disco, shaking hips, bubbles, French champagne, fast cars, and bodybuilding. Get ready for an epic, disco, synth journey!

La.Ga.Sta.: Why Swiss and not Aussie?
The Swiss: That’s quite funny we’ve been saying that “Australia”, would be a great name for a band. But I think that it would only work outside of Australia. Same goes with The Swiss. It sounds exotic, it is worlds apart from Australia, culturally, geographically, and climate wise too. I just hope that it makes sense in Switzerland.

How would you describe your sound?
We have been told that we are Dance, Disco, Boutique Disco, Progressive Disco, Disco House, Live Disco Disco Bisco Disco, Moustache Disco. So I guess we are … Disco.

What has influenced you in the past years?
Many things have influenced the band over the years. Film, music, literature, sex, fast cars, and bodybuilding just to name a few. As individuals we are into different styles of music. When we come together those influences come out in our playing and form to make what is now The Swiss.

What turns you on?
Shaking hips, bopping bums and sweaty palms.

Where are your favourite places to play?
This is very hard to answer. In the end I guess no matter where we are in the world, once we start playing and the people are dancing you could be anywhere. It doesn’t really change. I mean other than the venue, the sound, the food and a different language for us not to speak it ends up being the same. That’s the great thing about music. It is truly a global art form that transcends international boundaries.

What is missing from the dance music scene nowadays?
There is less of some things and more of others. I don’t think it’s hard to find what you are looking for with a little research. From what I have been lucky enough to see and be a part of in different parts of the world it seems to be a thriving, positive and super fun scene full of productive, nice, helpful people with a few idiots thrown in for good measure.

How do you see today’s Australian electro scene?
It feels like there is almost a second wave of acts coming out of Australia. Acts like the Bag Raiders and Miami Horror releasing debut full-length albums this year is a great sign of things to come. It’s a very exciting time with new and old faces doing good things.

Which are your favoutire tracks at the moment?
Sidwho?: Logg – ‘Lay it on the line’
Luke Million: Patrice Rushen – ‘Forget Me Nots’
Tony Mitolo: Carte Blanche – ‘Do! Do! Do!’

Which is your favourite destination?

Which songs do you love to listen to while driving your car?
I lost my license for the 5th time. I get it back when we go back to Australia. Plus I have an old Vespa which doesn’t have a stereo. Luke listens to classical music because his car speakers are blown and it’s the only genre that doesn’t distort them and Sid seems to always have Arthur Russell on whenever I am in his car.

What are you most excited about right now?
Playing these shows in Europe. I have been really busy over the last few weeks and we have been sidetracked thinking about other things. It has only just hit me now that within 8 hours I will be in Rome getting ready to play the first of the 10 shows we are doing over the next 2 weeks. I personally can’t wait to play some of our new music for you guys. Yeah!!!

Which is the best “Bubble Bath” to use? You should know by now…
Ha! Well…I guess the only baths we like are the ones that are full of people with the bubbles coming overflowing French Champagne.

Will disco never die?
I can honestly say…NO. Whether people call it Disco, or House, or Techno, or whatever. There will always be people dancing to that tribal bass drum going bang! Bang!Bang! Bang!. Thinking about it makes me smile.

Should we expect a full album in 2011?
Yes and we are excited.


So, put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away…

Bubble Bath (radio edit) by The Swiss

Movement Part 1 by The Swiss

Download it here

Annie – Songs Remind Me Of You (The Swiss & Donnie Sloan remix) by The Swiss

Download it here

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K-X-P: ’18 Hours (Of Love)’

August 26th, 2010

A woman-eating car stars in this new creepy video for the track ’18 Hours (Of Love)’ by Finnish Kraut-funkers K-X-P. It’s taken from their self-titled debut album, out now on Smalltown Supersound. The three-piece outfit is led by Timo Kaukolampi who made a name for himself as Norwegian pop princess Annie’s main producer and co-writer. Watch the ‘death proof’ video directed by Koja above and download the Kaukolampi’s remix of the album track ‘Pockets’ featuring Annie on vocals!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

K-X-P: ‘Pockets’ [Annie Vocal Mix] [mp3]

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