Bicep: Essential Mix

October 7th, 2014

A few days ago, Bicep, the unstoppable Belfast boys Andy Ferguson and Matthew McBriar, became the latest act to contribute to BBC Radio 1′s long-running Essential Mix series, turning in a two-hour mix of the duo’s top-notch selections. It’s a great ride from start to finish. In their own words: “It was an honour to be asked to contribute to a mix series which we have been listening to throughout our teens growing up in Belfast. In this mix we tried to cover quite a lot of ground, across a fairly wide spectrum of our taste, whilst still keeping it club focused.” Fill it up!

Download here

[full tracklisting on reactions]

Stream: Bicep: “Lyk Lyk”
mpFree: Bicep: “Satisfy” [John Talabot Alt Mix]

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SlothBoogie Guestmix #40: La.Ga.Sta.

September 29th, 2014

It’s time to boogie! Grab your keys and take a long ride all the way from Athens to London with La.Ga.Sta.’s new mix for our good friends over at SlothBoogie, our contribution to their excellent Guestmix series. This 76-minute mix is filled with some of our favorite tunes by the likes of Caribou, The Juan MacLean, Soul Clap, Daniel Avery, Midland, Lauer, Baio, HNNY, The Black Madonna, Man Power, Palms Trax and more. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Check out the complete tracklist below, and ride with us. Vrooom!

01. Daniel. T. – Wingin’ It
02. Lexx – Turning Tides
03. Man Power – Renamed
04. The Black Madonna – Stay
05. The Juan MacLean – I’ve Waited So Long
06. Waldemar Schwartz – La Taza De Oro
07. HNNY – Oma Doris
08. Klaves – People
09. Midland – Before We Leave
10. Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here (KiNK Remix)
11. Baio – Missive
12. Soul Clap feat. Robert Owens – Misty (Club Mix)
13. Museum Of Love – The Who’s Who Of Who Cares
14. Lauer – Ward
15. Palms Trax – Forever
16. Julio Bashmore – Simple Love (feat. J’Danna)
17. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix)

Download the mix here.

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Andrew Claristidge: Dance Epidemix Podcast #01

September 22nd, 2014
Mixtapes, News

Here’s some exciting news. Berlin-based producer Andrew Claristidge, one half of French electro duo Acid Washed, is ready to launch his own solo project, delivering a brand-new EP for Mille Feuilles that is set to drop on November 2nd. Before then, Andrew Claristidge has shared with us the first installment of his new podcast series, and it’s a great one. Grab your keys and take a ride with “Dance Epidemix”, a 70-minute mix filled with some killer selections from artists like The Emperor Machine, In Flagranti, Bottin, Headman, Clément Meyer, Red Axes, Rocco Desentis, and Andrew Claristidge himself. Play it loud!

01. Moscoman – Dark Horse
02. C.P.I. – Proceso
03. Rocco Desentis – Throw The Coin
04. Bottin – All For One (feat. Rodion)
05. The Emperor Machine – RMI Is All I Want (Dimitri Veimar Remix)
06. Workerpoor & Andrew Claristidge – Bomb Alley (David Carretta Remix)
07. Mijo – Ahi Viene (feat. Mekanikos)
08. Clément Meyer – Hi Tek Snuff
09. Tronik Youth – Bell Common Tunnel (In Flagranti Mix)
10. Bleeping Sauce – Cherry Green (Remote Remix)
11. Heretic – A Curse
12. Richard Norris – Freaks (Ivan Smagghe Version)
13. Red Axes – Head Like Glass
14. Headman – Something
15. Acid Washed – Golem’s Dance (Bufi Remix)
16. Maestro – Méchant
17. Andrew Claristidge – Discovering The Source

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Shit Robot: “Hip House” Mixtape

September 13th, 2014

The mighty Shit Robot, aka Dubliner Marcus Lambkin, recently dropped his newest single “Do It (Right)”, featuring vocals from legendary Chicago house artist Lidell Townsell, taken from his second album “We Got A Love”. The digital version of the single comes with something special: an exclusive cassette mixtape of classic hip house, mixed from vinyl by Mr.Robot himself. And it’s a great one! You can now stream the two 30-minute mini-mixes of Shit Robot’s “Hip House” mixtape below. Also, make sure to check out the cool lyric video for “Do It (Right)”, a tribute to old-school house records. Directed by Jeff Conway.

Side A:
Mah So – L Feat. MC Wik – Black Acid
MC B. Feat. Daisy Dee – Crazy (Mad Mix)
Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove
King Bee Feat. Michele – Must Bee The Music
Farley Jackmaster Funk & The Hip House Syndicate – Free At Last
Deskee – Let There Be House (West Bam Mix)
Mantronix – Don’t You Want Some More

Side B:
The Dismasters – Small Time Hustler
Nefatini – Don’t Stop
Doug Lazy – Let The Rhythm Pump
Adventures of Stevie V – Dirty Cash (Money Talks)
Shit Robot Feat. Lidell Townsell – Do It (Right)
KC Flight – Planet E
Mantronix (Feat. Wondress) – Got to Have Your Love (Club with Bonus Beats)

The “Do It (Right)” EP, backed with remixes by the likes of BareSkin, Lord Of The Isles, and Lidell Townsell himself, is out now via DFA Records. Get it here.

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“20 Tracks For 200 Sundays”: A Mixtape by La.Ga.Sta.

September 7th, 2014

[Photo: Maria Zaprani]

To celebrate the 200th Sunday track of our ongoing “Sunday” series, we’ve put together a mixtape that will soundtrack not only your Sundays, but your everyday car rides. Entitled “20 Tracks For 200 Sundays”, this 77-minute mix features some of our favorite tunes from that series. Download it for free below, and make sure to check out all Sundays tracks here. Stay gas!

01. Antena: “Camino Del Sol”
02. Kings Of Convenience: “Gold For The Price Of Silver” [Erot Vs. Kings Of Convenience]
03. Carly Simon: “Why” [12" Mix]
04. Fleetwood Mac: “Never Going Back Again” [Tom Croose Edit]
05. Hydroplane: “International Exiles”
06. John Talabot: “Korlee”
07. Cherokee: “Take Care Of You”
08. Iori’s Eyes: “Matter of Time” [Cécile Remix]
09. Idjut Boys: “Rabass”
10. Larry Heard: “Gentle Morning Sun” [Wolf & Lamb Remix]
11. KZA: “Le Troublant Acid”
12. Slow Hands: “Rough Patch”
13. The Crêpes: “Cassette”
14. James Yuill: “This Sweet Love” [Prins Thomas Sneaky Re-Edit]
15. Andras Fox feat. Oscar S. Thorn: “Running Late”
16. Stars On 33: “LUV”
17. K.BHTA: “The Wave”
18. Boat Club: “Nowhere”
19. Canyons: “When I See You Again” [Duke Dumont Rain On Kilimanjaro Mix]
20. Peter Morén: “Ett Land Som Inte Är”

Download the mixtape here and enjoy the ride.

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LAGASTAPE: Slow Hands’ NYC – MS Road Trip

August 29th, 2014

[Artwork: Stefanos Michaelides]

Today, we’re extremely psyched to share with you La.Ga.Sta.’s new monthly mixtape series called “LAGASTAPE” tailor made for long, road trips. Once every month, a favorite artist/producer jumps in our driver’s seat, choosing a destination and playing the songs he loves to hear while driving there. “LAGASTAPE” is not your typical dance mixtape, it is a soundtrack to accompany your next road trip. The first installment of our “LAGASTAPE” mixtape series comes from our beloved New York-based producer Ryan Cavanagh, aka Slow Hands, who recently wowed us with his excellent debut “Everything (We Are)” EP for Wolf + Lamb Records. Grab your keys, and take a ride with Slow Hands’ great two-hour mixtape full of classic tunes, an imaginary road trip from NYC to the Dockery Plantation in Mississippi. What a ride!

Download here

“This is a road trip, not a terrace in Ibiza.” – Slow Hands

“After more than a decade living in NYC never having owned a vehicle, I find myself being asked by La.Ga.Sta. for a “road trip” mix. Fortunately, I have been a fan of this blog for quite some time, so I stole one half of No Regular Play’s car and drove around randomly in an effort to come up with a “road worthy” mix.

During my time driving aimlessly around the city trying to research, it dawned on me that I have never really been on an extensive road trip, not in the traditional “Ryan McGinley”/Levi’s sense anyway; flying American flags, shooting off fireworks, drinking bourbon, and meeting random rural babes that strip down and jump into a leach filled pond. I believe I have actually seen more of the rest of the world, than of my own native country. I suppose I can always retire to a giant RV, and drive around selling home made turquoise jewelry that I make in the back…the american dream!

So, having been pent up in the studio working on my album for the last few months, I decided to expend some creative energies through writing. I am going to create a road trip playlist for an imaginary “dream” road trip of mine that goes from NYC to the Dockery Plantation in Mississippi, with a little explanation of each song. Here we goooooo!

Disclaimer: If you are only partial to mixes of smoothly mixed deep-progressive-trance-hop-minimal-nu-techno then please stop here, you will just end up hating more than you probably already do. This is a road trip, not a terrace in Ibiza.”

John Wizards ~ Hogsback
This song feels like what it might sound like if packing and walking to your car in NYC made a sound. It also sounds a bit chaotic, like traffic!

Jay Z feat. Rick Ross ~ F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit
NYC (JZ) -> Mississippi (RR), c’mon!

Tame Impala ~ Why Won’t They Talk To Me?
This song never fails to get me to rock the fuck out, perfect driving song. In our imaginary drive, we would be in Southern New Jersey right now.

Talking Heads ~ Road To Nowhere
No explanation needed. Random Fact: This song was at the end of the Fred Savage movie “Little Monsters”. I really need to watch that again.

Steve Winwood ~ The Finer Things
Winwood is a Brit, but this album sounds like it could have been made in Jersey (apologies to Springsteen, “Nebraska” just didn’t fit at this moment). It was a real toss up between this and “Higher Love”, this won due to the mere fact that it has the best synth solo ever played.

Roxy Music ~ Oh Yeah!
Bryan Ferry is the coolest dude on the goddamn planet.

David Bowie ~ China Girl
This guy was my hero growing up. This song was written with Iggy Pop in Berlin in 1977. What?! If I could live only for one day on this planet, I would have wanted to be the studio engineer the day this happened, or the drug dealer at the very least.

The Knife ~ A Tooth For An Eye
Well, we would be about on the border of where the South begins at this point. Unfamiliar ground to a North Easterner such as myself. This song sounds like unfamiliar ground.

Jimi Hendrix ~ If 6 Was 9
I have only been to Virginia a couple times, and where I was…was, well…pretttttty, prettt-ty rural. This is one of my favorite Hendrix tracks, it’s so original, and I first heard it in “Easy Rider” (a life changing film for me). That scene is how I have felt when ever I have spent any time in Virginia.

Aretha Franklin ~ The Weight
While we’re on the topic of Easy Rider. This was recorded in Mississippi, and has Duane Allman on the guitar…revo-goddamn-lutionary.

Joe Cocker ~ You Can Leave Your Hat On
Time to pull into a truck stop. I am imagining some sort of cross between something out of a JT LeRoy novel, and Roadhouse. Either way, there is definitely a strip club involved, and this would have to be the song. I had wanted to use The Steve Miller Band’s “The Stake”, because if I were a stripper, that would be my song, but you can’t really deny this reigning as the supreme strip club song.

Righteous Brothers ~ Unchained Melody
I have, sadly, only been to one strip club in my life. It was called ‘Wizards’, and it was next to the 7-11 in West Philadelphia. I went on a Thursday afternoon. I don’t recommend this AT ALL! (the complimentary cold cut platter is absolutely ravaged by the strippers at this point in the afternoon ). So, my strip club experience is left mostly to imagination, but I always thought this would be a hilarious song for a stripper to dance to. Also, we brought up Roadhouse before, and Patrick Swayze was in Roadhouse, and this song was in “Ghost”. Boom!

UB40 ~ Red Wine
There must be a truck stop stripper somewhere in Virginia named Red Wine, don’t you think?

Steely Dan ~ Peg
Alright! Let’s class this shit up already! Get the hell out of the strip club and move along. We’re feeling good. What goes with feeling good? Yacht rock, duhh. The bass line in this song is amazing. I had wanted to use Deacon Blues because of the “die behind the wheel” lyrics, but this song is just so awesome. Random Fact: The guitar player for The Doobie Bros and Steely Dan is this guy Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, read his wikipedia page. It is a new goal of mine to consult for the military.

The Steve Miller Band ~ The Joker
Since we look too damn cool blasting Steely Dan, let’s get slapped with some classic rock road trip necessities. But not TOTALLY obvious necessities, like certain Tom Cochran songs. Just because classic rock stations play it doesn’t make it classic rock. That shit came out in the 90s. You know the song I am talking about.

Led Zeppelin ~ Over The Hills And Far Away
Needs no explanation, solid rad.

Little Feat ~ Dixie Chicken
Lowell George is a god.

Tennis ~ Dimming Light
The sun’s going down. Some new stuff thrown in, this band is great!

The Allman Brothers ~ Little Martha
One of the most beautiful songs ever written. If you don’t know what to do during the next 4 songs, you probably shouldn’t be reading this to begin with (I just hope your with someone more suitable than “Red Wine”).

The Beatles ~ Something
If memory serves me correctly, I lost my virginity to this song or maybe it was “Bell Bottom Blues” or both.

Stephen Stills ~ Love The One You’re With
Sometimes you’ve just got to settle.

Eric Clapton ~ Easy Now
If you are in high school, and trying to seal the deal with your lady, and reading this for some strange reason, then take my advice, play Clapton. I don’t know what deep seeded Freudian science causes this, but even if a girl thinks “Wonderful Tonight” is cheesy, there is still something to it…perhaps from the countless times they danced to it at middle school sock hops.

Walls Of Jericho ~ A Day And A Thousand Years
WAKE UP!!! Can’t fall asleep on the road.

Kanye West ~ I’m In It
If I were to go go down in a blaze of glory, for instance; at the end of a bank robbery, being chased by the cops on the edge of the grand canyon (Heat meets ‘Thelma & Louise’ style), as I drove off the cliff in a ball of fire shooting my tommy gun back at the police, this is the song I would want playing.

Django Reinhardt ~ Django’s Tiger
Playing this dude’s music is the only thing that got me into music school, and rescued me from a life spent pumping gas. So I owe him a lot. Epic song title.

Joe Pass ~ Oleo
I love that you can hear the humanness of Pass in this recording or perhaps the in-humanness. It’s sick how good a guitar player this guy was.

Nat King Cole ~ L-O-V-E
Route 66 would have been the obvious choice, but I like to sing this one, and sing-alongs are vital to road trips.

Father John Misty ~ Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
I know very little about the area we would be in at this point of the road trip, so we are just going to listen to awesome tunes to pass the time. I have seen this dude twice in the last 6 months, he is stupidly talented.

Joe Purdy ~ Outlaws
Fuck me, the lyrics to this are so good.

Ray Lamontagne ~ Narrow Escape
After I am finished with my album, I am focusing %100 of my energy on writing murder ballads. This is one of my favorite more recent ones.

Townes Van Zandt ~ Flyin’ Shoes
One of my favorites. If you haven’t seen “Be Here To Love Me”, then go back in time, start a West Coast Video account and rent that shit!

Arcade Fire ~ Afterlife
This album is pretty great, this song is my favorite. Lyrically it seems a bit depressing, but it feels up-lifting.

Vampire Weekend ~ Worship You
We made it! Pay homage to the God’s that once treaded this sacred ground.

Howlin Wolf ~ Wang Dang Doodle
Like this guy!

Slow Hands’ “Everything (We Are)” EP is out now on vinyl via Wolf + Lamb Records, while the digital version will arrive on September 15th. Pick up your 12” here.

mpFree: Slow Hands & Tanner Ross: “All The Same” [Slow Hands Folk Wash]

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Daniel.T.: “Resonant Places” Mixtape

August 28th, 2014

Over the past few months, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Daniel.T., Daniel Terndrup of Cosmic Kids fame, has kept himself rather busy, delivering one quality release after another. Now, he’s back with a brand-new mixtape called “Resonant Places”, and it’s a great ride from start to finish. Even better, this 48-minute mix includes lots of new and unreleased tracks from Daniel.T. himself, as well as a brand-new solo track from Classixx’s Michael David called “Rhodesia”. Grab the “Resonant Places” mixtape for free below, and enjoy the ride.

01. Daniel.T. – Mission Hill Morning [unreleased]
02. Michael David – Rhodesia [forthcoming on Distant Works]
03. Nasza Basia Kochana – Gniewna Piosenka Mumnika O Lecie (Rune Lindbæk Edit)
04. César Camargo Mariano – Gravura (Daniel.T. Edit) [forthcoming on Chit Chat]
05. Silva – Janeiro (Cosmic Kids Remix)
06. Daniel.T. – Wingin’ It [unreleased]
07. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Sensaatio
08. Daniel.T. – Interlude / Laced [unreleased]
09. Pharaohs – Ahumbo (Another Beach Version)
10. Joe Moks – Boys and Girls
11. James Supercave – Old Robot (Daniel.T. Remix)
12. Guardian – Descend (Daniel.T. & Cooper Saver Dub) / Outro

Download here

mpFree: Lindstrøm & Todd Terje: “Lanzarote” [Daniel.T. Remix]
mpFree: James Supercave: “Old Robot” [Daniel.T. Remix]

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Zimmer: “Méditerranée” Tape

July 25th, 2014

Parisian “horizontal disco” producer Zimmer has put together yet another delicious mixtape just in time for the long weekend. Entitled “Méditerranée”, this hour-long tape features lots of disco-flavored tunes, new and old, by the likes of Poolside, La Roux, Munk, Mickey, Wunder Wunder, Olympic Ayres, Poom, Hotlane, among many others. Who can resist a Mediterranean disco ride? Certainly not us. Grab your keys, and feel the vibes.

01. Dabeull – BlueCar
02. La Roux – Tropical Chancer
03. Reginald Garland – Chillin’ Out (Poolside Edit)
04. Kasso – Walkman
05. Hotlane – Whenever
06. Poom – Les Voiles
07. Zimmer feat KLP – Sensify Me (Crayon Remix)
08. Munk – Hapiness Juice
09. Lucio Battisti – Ancora Tu
10. Mickey – Holding Hands
11. Olympic Ayres – Control (Pat Lok Remix)
12. Pallace – Joy & Pain
13. Tropical Chaos feat. Loumar – Leaving Train
14. Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never (Wayward Remix)
15. Paleface feat. Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
16. Serge Gainsbourg – Sea, Sex & Sun (Greedit)
17. David Bowie – Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy)
18. Wunder Wunder – Midnight Hours
19. Lucio Battisti – Abbracciala Abbracciali Abbracciati

Download here

Stream: Zimmer: “Sensify Me” [feat. KLP]
mpFree: MØ: “Don’t Wanna Dance” [Zimmer Remix]

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Luke Million Mix for La.Ga.Sta.

July 22nd, 2014

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Adelaide’s disco producer Luke Million, the synth wizard of Australian duo The Swiss, here at La.Ga.Sta. HQ, so we’re pretty excited to share with you his brand-new summer mixtape. This nearly hour-long mix is full of great tunes by the likes of The Presets, Aeroplane, Moon Boots, Moullinex, Blende, Punks Jump Up, Nicky Night Time, among others. It also includes his recent classy reworks of The Doors and Pink Floyd, both parts of his new monthly series of free edits/remakes. When it comes to a cosmic disco-funk ride, Luke Million can be your only guide. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.

01. Luke Million – Another Brick (Remake)
02. Les Loups feat. Cybil – Colourblind
03. Nile Rodgers – Do What You Wanna Do (Moon Boots Remix)
04. Madonna – Holiday (Fare Soldi Remix)
05. Riton feat. Meleka – Inside My Head (Aeroplane Remix)
06. Moullinex – Love Magnetic
07. Jason Burns – Do Without (The Dealer Remix)
08. Le Galaxie – Humanise (Blende Remix)
09. Birdee – So Good (Punks Jump Up Remix)
10. Nicky Night Time – Everybody Together
11. The Presets – No Fun
12. Luke Million – Riders (Remake)

Download here

mpFree: Midnight Pool Party: “Linger” [Luke Million Remix]

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John Talabot Mix

July 21st, 2014

Spanish house maestro John Talabot has put together an exclusive mix for Jamie xx’s recent BBC Radio 1 takeover, which includes some unreleased tracks from forthcoming releases on his own label Hivern Discs. You can now grab a free download of this superb 23-minute mix below. Ride on.

Download here

mpFree: John Talabot feat. Pional: “Destiny” [Dubtool Version]

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