Interview: Scenic

August 22nd, 2011

It all started with the brilliant track “This Can’t Be”, which was released through Joakim’s Tigersushi label back in December. If we had been living in Australia this song would have been our soundtrack for the summer. That’s how we met Scenic, a new four-piece band from Perth, Australia, who recently signed to Future Classic. Their first EP “Another Sky”, which features two blissed out songs “Another Sky” and “Endless Days” and a floor-friendly remix by The Magician, is out now and sounds no less than “an abstract journey of drifting, floating, dreaming and falling in love”. Scenic (Adam Tucker, Eric Harrison, Doug Armstrong, and Nicholas Harrison) pulled over at La.Ga.Sta. for a little chat about how they found their way to…another sky. We love these guys.

La.Ga.Sta.: How did you guys meet and end up making music together?

Scenic: The typical story, Eric, Doug and I (Adam) met battling through afternoons in our school concert band. We originally shared and swapped records with each other, which developed into making music together. Then last year we unearthed the drumming talent of Eric’s brother Nick.

What’s the story behind your name?

Living in Western Australia we are greatly inspired by the scenery so we naturally try to create soundtracks to the views around us. Also we used to be called something extremely long winded and confusing so Scenic suited us well.

Tell us something about your new EP “Another Sky”…

There are two originals “Another Sky” and “Endless Days”. Both of which were recorded in a studio we set up in a beach house in a small community south of Perth. They’re both written about places we’ve been and people we’ve met. The two originals are also accompanied by a stellar remix by The Magician, who is one of our favorite artists right now.

How did you come into working with Future Classic?

Future Classic have been making waves in Australia and internationally. They’re an exciting label and are not afraid to push the boundaries, which suits us as a band perfectly. Also they are super nice guys and when we heard they liked “Another Sky” it was the obvious choice to team up with them.

What has influenced you the most?

Southern bound road trips with good company and good music. Rolling Hills, desert oceans and colourful skies.

Five words to describe Scenic?


What excites you in today’s Australian music scene?

The Australian music scene is as vibrant as ever with great independent labels like Future Classic, Cutters and Spinning Top leading the charge. These independent labels are giving exciting new projects voice and a platform. And then of course bands like Tame Impala, Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernauts continue to push global boundaries.

Which is your favourite destination?

We recently travelled through parts of Europe and really enjoyed Paris, for the people and parties, and Croatia for its beauty.

Which are your favoutire tracks at the moment?

Allbrook/Avery – Empty
LCD Soundsystem – Freak Out/Starry Eyes
Scenic – Endless Days
Joakim – Forever Young
Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss (The Time and Space Machine Remix)

What’s your plans for 2011? Should we expect a debut album soon?

Looking forward to playing plenty of summer gigs. We have a collaboration coming up with Le Coq Sportif involving a 7inch release. An album is definitely the next direction we’ll just have to wait and see.

Scenic’s “Another Sky” EP is out now on Future Classic. Buy your copy here. Stream the full release and download the track “Another Sky” for free below:

Scenic – Another Sky by future classic

Download it here.

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Interview: Das Moth

April 1st, 2011

A former Damn Arms member, Das Moth (aka Timothy Sullivan) drew a lot of attention with his recent brilliant debut EP “Moon/Wrong” on Cut Copy’s Cutters Records. Originally from Australia, he moved to Japan in 2009, where he was deeply influenced by the country’s culture and people’s mentality. Apart from Japan, the talented producer and dj is in love with disco and travelling. In view of his upcoming European tour this summer, he pulled over at Last Gas Station for a little chat about music, his influences and future plans, as well as about disco. Keep an eye on this guy!

La.Ga.Sta.: What made you turn to disco?
Das Moth: Music needs to make you feel something…something worthwhile. Listening to Ramones or Morrissey does this. So does listening to Al Green or Inner Life. It just seems right.

What’s the story behind your name?
My older sister, Ami, has always called me “Moth”. Since i was a kid. I always thought it would be nice to use it for a project one day. The “Das” part…I’m not sure. It sounds better than “the moth”.

What has influenced you most in the past years?
Life changes I guess. Challenging myself in as many ways possible. Leaving Australia and moving to Japan has had a huge influence on me. The people I’ve met here…even the people I haven’t met.. just admired.

Has your music be influenced by your stay in Japan?
Totally. Since living here I can now see it becoming more apparent. I’ve always been a huge fan of YMO, Flower Traveling Band and sound track composers Shigeru Umebayashi & Ryuichi Sakamoto…but recently I’ve found myself listening to them all more and more. It pretty much gives me the confidence to try new ideas and sounds, because they all push the limit on that so well.

Five words to describe Das Moth…
Skinny, White, Kid, Tokyo, Tattoos.

What excites you in today’s Australian music scene?
Last time I was in Australia [Cutters Records Tour w/ Cut Copy & Nile Delta] I realised I was sooo far out of “the loop” with what was happening in Australia. Canyons are always impressive. The new records from Midnight Juggernauts, Tame Impala & Cut Copy were all amazing. I’m also looking forward to the long awaited new Avalanches album.

What makes you feel bored?
A dead laptop battery in an airport.

What moves your imagination?
Bill Withers – My Imagination.

What turns you on?

What is your favorite sound?
A Rhodes Piano.

Which is your greatest fear?

Which is your favorite destination?
I love traveling. Currently, I’m really looking forward to visiting Europe in June. But I would have to say my favourite destination would be Tokyo. Every time I come back here, it’s exciting as the first time.

What three things do you always travel with?
iPhone, change for a morning coffee & the book I’m reading.

What’s your plans for 2011?
Release a new record. Travel…I mean “Tour”. Make Das Moth into a live band. Drink coffee. Hang out.

EUROPE / JUNE / 2011
ヨーロッパ / 2011年 / 6月

4th – London @ Orlando Boom w/ In Fragranti & Tronik Youth
10th – Barcelona @ Razzmatazz
11th – Palma de Mallorca @ Cassette
16th – Paris @ Social Club

More dates to come.


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Interview: CFCF

March 15th, 2011

[Photo: Coey Kerr]

Originally from Montreal but now living in Paris, the 22-year-old Mike Silver, aka CFCF, is one of our favorite producers. Before coming to Greece for two shows in Thessaloniki (18/3, Can You Relate?) and Athens (19/3, Kormoranos), La.Ga.Sta. spoke with CFCF about music, movies and influences:

La.Ga.Sta.: What made you decide to turn to music in the first place?
CFCF: It just happened naturally from messing around, trying to emulate DJ Shadow and stuff. Gradually I started to concentrate on it more and more and learn more and more.

What’s the story behind your name?
It’s taken from a local TV station in Montreal.

Five words to describe CFCF…
Atmospheric, beat-driven electronic music.

What has influenced you most in the past years?
A lot of different things, I think. I’d say Popol Vuh, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and current trends in UK dance music.

You often draw inspiration from movies. If your debut album “Continent” was a movie which one would it be?
That’s a tough one. The album is pretty varied in style, so I think it would have to be something kind of colorful, eclectic. I’m thinking of a mix between Michael Mann’s “Heat” and Wong Kar-Wai’s “2046”.

Tell us 3 of your favorite movies…
I couldn’t even begin to choose 3 favorites… But some that always come up are Terrence Malick’s “Badlands”, Les Blank’s “Burden of Dreams”, and Michael Mann’s “Manhunter”. But there are so many others. “Barry Lyndon” is another one that I totally adore.

What makes you feel bored?
Sitting around my house, restless and waiting for something to happen. Like waiting for a phone call, or waiting for my album to be finished. I am impatient sometimes.

What turns you on?
Fantastic music which I’ve never heard before, that’s strange and interesting.

Which is your favorite destination?
I’m living in Paris now which I love. I have to admit though when travelling after a while my absolute favorite place to go is home to Montreal. It kind of refills my energy.

What three things do you always travel with?
My laptop obviously, because I work on the go quite a lot. My iPod, for obvious reasons. And when I came to Paris the only instrument I brought with me: a panflute!

What’s your plans for 2011?
I have a few different releases to come, in different styles. To do more shows in Europe, and to come back to North America and do some shows in the US and finish my LP and just enjoy myself.

How can we expect your next album will sound like?
I think it will be a natural progression but a step up from the things I’ve already released. There will be a lot of vocals. It’s going to be kind of like Peter Gabriel.

What is your “Big Love”?
Big question! I guess just the process of seeking out inspiration. Looking for it everywhere and trying to feel inspired, whether by music, film, art, nature, people, whatever. That’s the best thing.

Download two new CFCF tracks below:

Canton No. 2 by CFCF

Download it here.

Gamelan 1 by CFCF

Download it here.

mp3: Korallreven: “The Truest Faith” [CFCF Remix]
mp3: Taken By Trees: “Anna” [CFCF Remix]
mp3: Fabio Lendrum: “Trouble” [CFCF Remix]

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Interview: The C90s

March 11th, 2011

[Photo: Gemma Ward]

Shine A Light by TheC90s

Today we take a ride with the London-based duo The C90s (Danny Ashenden and Jamie Paterson) and we have more than one reason to do this:

1. The C90s is one of our favorite bands, who shares their mutual love for disco beats, handclaps, cowbells and vocoders the last two years.
2. They have released two amazing EPs “10:01” and “Shine A Light” on Headman’s Relish label last year. Stuck on repeat!
3. They gained credit for their killer remixes of Headman, Tape To Tape, Tronik Youth, Roisin Murphy, Flight Facilities, Villa and most recently Golden Bug & Rodion and Midnight Savari. Already featured on La.Ga.Sta.
4. They’re cool, funny, and unstoppable. Plus they have a new studio in London. Expect big things!
5. Last but not least, they’re coming in Athens, Greece this Saturday (12/3) at Philipp Champagne Bar, as a special guest of the “BeDazzler” parties (free entrance).

While you read the interview and listen/download (do it) their new mixtape below, we will be driving with The C90s boys in the streets of Athens. Next stop: Disco! Fill it up!

La.Ga.Sta.: Why C90s?
Danny: We’re named after the famous cassette tape.

How came that a duo with the word 90s part of its name, is making disco music?
Danny: Beause we love disco!
Jamie: The name has nothing to do with the decade.

When was your first night at discotheque?
Danny: Probably when I was underage and shouldn’t have been there.
Jamie: I can’t remember the first time I sneaked into a club, but I used to do it a lot. At that age, however, it was more about chasing girls than music.

What has influenced you most in the past years?
Danny: I’d say the DFA label since it started. They opened my ears and eyes up a lot.
Jamie: I agree, it’s an incredible label. I’d also say living in London has influenced our output. I grew up in London and it’s definitely effected all aspects of my life, in both positive and negative ways.

Five words to describe The C90s…
Jamie: Two gentlemen making nice music.

What turns you on?
Jamie: A lack of pretention.
Danny: Jessica Alba

Which producers have you been digging at the moment and why?
Danny: Tom Trago, Bibio, Volta Cab, Krystal Klear and Salva are all putting out amazing albums or EPs either now or very shortly.

Which is your favorite place in London?
Danny: Recently, our new studio!
Jamie: Yeah, definitely. We’ve spent more time in there since we moved in than anywhere else.

Which is your favorite sound?
Jamie: Spurs fans celebrating a Tottenham goal.
Danny: A fat cat purring.

What are your plans for 2011?
Danny: Get rich or die trying.
Jamie: And that includes releasing a few singles and an EP.

What makes you wanna shine a light?
Danny: Athens!
Jamie: Yeah, drinking champagne and playing some records.

What you will do tonight?
Jamie: Spend some more time in the studio, then go cook up some dinner.
Danny: And post too much rambling on Twitter.

March Chart Mix by TheC90s

Here’s The C90s new mixtape. Play it loud!

01. Dana Bergquist & Peder G – Can’t Get Enough (Midnight Savari Remix)
02. Ajello ft. Hard Ton – Chocolate Black Leather (Brennan Green Instrumental)
03. The Supermen Lovers ft. Rick Bailey – Take A Chance (Clap Rules Remix)
04. Deadly Sins – Smurfette
05. No Logo – Party Animal (Toomy Disco Remix)
06. Rushhour – Moogie
07. Debonair – Gimme Your Dub
08. Deep Space Orchestra – On The Inside (The Revenge Remix)
09. Zepp001 – Dearly Beloved
10. Rick Poppa Howard – Do What You Have To Do (Instrumental)
11. James Curd ft. Devin Byrnes – Open Up Your Mind
12. Siriusmo – Good Idea
13. Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)
14. Round Table Knights – Stomper
15. In Flagranti – Hallow Discourse
16. Kolsch – Loreley
17. Benoit & Sergio – Boy Trouble

Download it here and enjoy!

mp3: Villa: “Beats of Love” [The C90s Remix]
mp3: The C90s: “10:01″ [Instrumental]

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Interview + Mix: Acid Washed

January 21st, 2011
Interviews, Mixtapes

Good boys go to heaven. Bad boys go everywhere. That’s right. French duo Acid Washed have taken us everywhere with the sounds of their self-titled debut album, which was released on Record Makers last year. The duo of Andrew Claristidge and Richard D’Alpert creates a fusion of late nineties filter house and DFA disco anthems that acknowledges the influence of Chicago and Detroit. The brilliant visuals of Anthony Burrill fit perfectly with their music. Acid Washed are coming for the first time to Thessaloniki, Greece today (21/1) at Partizan as a special guest of the very popular ‘Can You Relate?’ parties. They will bring cosmic tunes for the party tonight…

La.Ga.Sta.: It all started with ‘General Motors, Detroit, America’. Is there any story behind this track?
Andrew Claristidge: We made this track when GM went bankrupt. Detroit has a strong meaning when you make electronic music: techno was invented over there. This track is about this. It is kinda an homage to this city.
Richard D’Alpert: I always wanted to create an anthem which would express the soul of the XXe century, which is I think the industrialization, and its heart, the working class people. I grew up in a very industrialized area, I’ve seen it live, and I’ve seen it dying. If we add a musical incarnation – here, the Detroit techno movement, lead by some proeminent Black musicians like in UR – then we have the perfect expression of my intention. I’ve always wanted to make that track as a dedication. And thanks to Andrew, we made it possible.

Why Acid Washed?
Andrew Claristidge: Cause it sounds great! It is also good memories from my childhood and something I would not wear anymore.
Richard D’Alpert: Because of my friend Jenny, who found the name!

Could you imagine your music without visuals?
Andrew Claristidge: In a way yes and in another way no! In a car driving across great landscapes in the US. But what Anthony Burrill did for us is fitting so well. The visuals are so perfect with the music.
Richard D’Alpert: They both interact, and for me they are definitely part of the same genesis.

What has influenced you in the past years?
Andrew Claristidge: Too many influences to mention one.
Richard D’Alpert: The American Repetitive music scene (Steve Reich, Terry Riley, John Adams, etc.), the NDW & the Beach Boys.

What excites you in today’s French electronic scene?
Andrew Claristidge: Still Daft Punk, Koudlam, Turzi, Arnaud Rebotini, Digikid84, Danton Eeprom, the Social Club…But there are so many more! The French has advanced like never before
Richard D’Alpert: My mate Kavinsky and his next album, Romain Turzi, Youngunz, the scene around the Social Club, the House of Moda parties organized by Arnaud Lassince, and many things more! Oh and yeah, La Gaîté Lyrique, the new upcoming place of music & numeric arts, and a label: InFiné.

Paris or Berlin? Which city inspires you most?
Andrew Claristidge: Berlin cause I am living here and Paris cause I am not living there. Those 2 cities are both inspiring, I can not make a choice.
Richard D’Alpert: Berlin for the chill. But definitely Paris for the thrill.

What turns you on?
Andrew Claristidge: My fiancée. And every kinda analog gear!
Richard D’Alpert: Travelling all the time. The infinite complexity, magic of the world’s landscapes, and faces of its people.

Which is your favorite destination?
Andrew Claristidge: Back to Berlin.
Richard D’Alpert: Los Angeles.

Which song do you love to listen to while drive your car?
Andrew Claristidge: Sebastien Tellier’s ‘La Ritournelle’ and Alan Vega’s ‘Shadazz’.
Richard D’Alpert: ‘Nightcall’ by Kavinsky and ‘Scheherazade’ by Rimsky-Korsakov.

What’s your plans for 2011?
Andrew Claristidge: Be better than I was in 2010.
Richard D’Alpert: Make it till 2012. And finishing my movie on time!

Acid Washed have made a mix exclusive for La.Ga.Sta. It features the new Anteros & Thanaton killer remix of Washed’s ‘Change’. Download it now!

Acid Washed La.Ga.Sta. Mix Tracklist:
01. Snoop Doggy Dogg: ‘Sensual Seduction’
02. Moullinex: ‘Catalina’
03. Eli Escobar: ‘Love Thing Part 3’ [Mike Simonetti Remix]
04. The Glimmers: ‘U Rocked My World’ [Pete Herbert & Tristan De Cuna Remix]
05. Ian O´Donovan: ‘A Modern Romance’
06. Sharam Jey: ‘Turning Back’
07. Acid Washed: ‘Change’ [ Anteros & Thanaton Remix]

Download the mix here.

As a bonus, here’s Acid Washed’s latest remix of Casey Spooner’s new single ‘Spanish Teenager’ for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Casey Spooner feat. Jake Shears: ‘Spanish Teenager’ [Acid Washed Remix] [mp3]

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Interview + Mixtape: Tape To Tape

December 7th, 2010
Interviews, Mixtapes

Artwork: Markos Moraitis

For those who follow Lagasta closely, our love for the London-based dance duo Tape To Tape is very well known. Little is known about these newcomers, which is exactly their purpose, ‘to let their music do the talking’. However much you look for press photos and bio, the only thing you will find is their two amazing EP’s ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ and ‘Pure & Easy’, which were released this year through Headman’s Relish label. Due to their forthcoming appearance in Athens, Greece this Saturday (11/12 at Yoga Bala, as special guests of Sally Spektra parties), Tape To Tape introduced themselves to us and gave us the pleasure of making an exclusive Mix for Lagasta.
Spread the love from Tape To Tape…

La.Ga.Sta.: How it all started?
Tape To Tape: It all started in the summer of 2009 after we found a mutual love of all forms of electronica. So we went into the studio to see what would be the result, it came in the form of our first EP ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’. When this was completed we were really excited by the outcome and asked our friends The C90s to remix Part 1 of the EP. It then found its way over to Relish and Robi Insinnia (Headman) heard it and loved it. The rest as they say is history!

How would you describe your sound?
Tape To Tape’s sound is really just based on our emotions and influences.


What has influenced you in the past years?
We have so many influences from music from the past but would definitely say our main inspirations for the Tape To Tape project have been early house music producers such as Mr. Fingers and Marshall Jefferson, Kraftwerk, Neu and of course Giorgio Moroder up to modern day dance artists such as Daniel Wang, Morgan Geist, and LCD Soundsystem.

What are you most excited about right now?
We are definitely most excited right now by our remix of Black Strobe ‘Me & Madonna’, which is being relesed through Kitsune. Regarding artists and records there has been some great new music this year. Artists we are excited about right now are Nicolas Jaar, Kink & Neville Watson and Azari & III. Bxcentric and JR Seaton also seem to be producing some cool tracks and remixes. A track that has been getting the best reactions currently in our sets is from the unknown artist Tyson with his track ‘Die On The Dancefloor’. Definitely one to watch.

BLACK STROBE : Me & Madonna ( tape to tape remix )

Which is the ideal place to listen to your music?
As tape to tape are currently releasing tracks for the dancefloor we would have to say the most ideal place to listen to our releases would be in a club, preferably Fabric nightclub with its bodysonic soundsystem!

What do you love and hate most in London?
London is great for its melting pot of music, arts and culture but definitely one thing it lacks is sunshine!

Top-3 albums of 2010…
There seemed to be a lack of great albums released this year, but three that have been played a lot are:
Four Tet: ‘There Is Love In You’
Gil Scott-Heron: ‘I’m New Here’
Matthew Dear: ‘Black City’

Which is the last tape you bought?
The last tape we bought was Shit Robot’s ‘From The Cradle To The Rave’.

What’s next for Tape To Tape?
We will start working on our new single early next year with the promise of making this a big dancefloor track with a few surprises thrown. I suppose our next step would be our debut album.

Which tape do you love to listen to while driving your car?
Right now we have been listening to our Tape To Tape exclusive MIx for our favourite blog Lagasta! For this Mix we wanted to create something that could be listened to in the car, but still had elements of a club set. We really like the finished result and hope you like it too. Enjoy!

tape to tape : the lagasta mix

01. Azari & III: ‘Into The Night’ [Nicolas Jaar Mix]
02. Headman feat SOS: ‘Blue Boys’ [Chmmr Remix]
03. Solomun: ‘Love Recycled 2’
04. Kink & Neville Watson: ‘City 2 City’
05. Metro Area: ‘Muira’ [Snippet]
06. Murphy Jax: ‘It’s The Music’
07. Metro Area: ‘Muira’
08. Black Strobe: ‘Me & Madonna [Tape To Tape Remix]
09. Dom Thomas: ‘Disco Workout’
10. Etienne De Crecy: ‘No Brain’ [Serge Santiago Remix/Tape To Tape intro re-edit]
11. Kink & Neville Watson: ‘Metropole’
12. Last Rhythm: ‘Last Rhythm’

Download the exclusive Tape To Tape Lagasta Mix HERE.

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Interview: Monarchy

December 1st, 2010

In orbit with Monarchy. The mysterious London-based electro duo are coming for the first time in Thessaloniki, Greece this Friday (3/12) at Partizan as a special guest of the very popular ‘Can You Relate?’ parties. Monarchy landed at Last Gas Station for an interview about their pop music, remixes and their obsession with space: “Space is now our only hope to escape from this dusty planet”. We are floating with Monarchy in space…

La.Ga.Sta.: What is Monarchy?
Monarchy: Monarchy is a duo. It’s also an ideal, a theory and emotion trapped inside a cube. We are taking this emotion with us, and exploring the world.

Monarchy is connected with space. What does space mean to you?
Space represents hope, escape, and aspiration. With the decline of religion and a limited Earth, space is now our only hope to escape from this dusty planet. It gives us the inspiration that this world isn’t the only world, that there are limitless possibilities, that there is relief from the grind and depression of day-to-day living in this society. But at the same time, it is a metaphor. Because we can escape from this world inwards. So we project Monarchy into space, but actually it’s a journey inwards to our core, to understand ourselves, and what it is to be human.

Which is your favorite planet and why?
Gliese 581g is probably my favourite. It is likely that water could exist on it’s surface, and the Gleise planetary system has a number of interesting potential Earth-like planets around it.

There is a lot of mystery around Monarchy. What is hidden behind your masks?
Maybe you would like us to say that we were burnt by acid in a jealous attack by our ex lovers, but actually we hide our identity behind the masks. By having obscured identities, it allows us to express ourselves more honestly, and also to create music without ego. It’s all about the music, and allows the music to breath on it’s own.

How can you describe the sound of your debut album and when it is going to be released?
The album will be released very early in 2011. The album is a journey, each song represents a conflict or emotion we have experienced. There’s loneliness in the sound, the coldness of deep space, but at the same time there’s a glimmer of hope, and a bond to the other people who resonate with our struggle with what it means to be human in this world. People who share this struggle will understand the album.

Is your music a way to escape reality?
It is, but it is also a way to understand what reality is. It is like meditation. By abstracting the thought process you think more deeply. By abstracting reality you start to understand it.

Which is the ideal place to listen to your album?
When the world is beating down on you, when you need to escape, that is the time to put on our album.

With which criteria you choose the tracks you are about to remix? Is there a song you had recently rejected?
We can’t tell you which songs we reject, that is a loss of faith. But for us it’s about what we can bring to the song, what we can twist in it to make it a Monarchy track. Sometimes it is quite immediate, such as the OMD remix. At other times, it is more complex. To be honest, we did not listen to the Kylie track before saying we would do it. When we heard it we didn’t know what we could do to it to make it Monarchy. So we stretched out her vocals 800%, Justin Beiber style, and then cut it up to create a new chord progression that we liked, and built it up from there. It doesn’t sound very much like the original, but it has Kylie all the way through it, which we love.

How does it feel like to “Dance in the Dark” with Lady Gaga?
You can feel her penis rubbing against you, which is interesting. We had never danced with a hermaphrodite before. Lady Gaga is amazing, we think she’s a true pop icon, pushing pop forward and being experimental where so many others are being artistically lazy. But it’s more for what is around her that we love her. Her music is good, but the Gaga message as a whole is what we really get excited about.

Which is your favorite destination?
East London is amazing. So vibrant and diverse. We really love Paris, and for completely different reasons, we also love Berlin. But everywhere we have been has their special charm and something to love. From Guangzhou to Havana, New York to Yekaterinburg, we have learnt something from all these places.

Top 3 albums and tracks of 2010…
Songs we love:
Crystal Castles – ‘Not In Love’ (feat. Robert Smith)
DJ Hell feat. Brian Ferry – ‘U Can Dance’ (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)
Robyn – ‘Indestructible’ (A-Trak Remix)
Albums we love:
Grizzly Bear – “Veckatimest”
The Chemical Brothers- “Further
Hot Chip – “One Life Stand”

What are your future plans?
We will be releasing our next single early in 2011, it will be ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’. Then another single and the album around March. We intend to tour a lot.  And keep writing. Just keep on writing music, and bringing it to people in whatever way we can. We also intend to master another language.

What is your biggest expectation for 2011?
Music continues to excite us, and we really look forward to hearing new bands, and also some of our favourite bands releasing new material. Cinema has been quite amazing lately, with 3D really taking the experience to an enhanced level. Maybe there will be some great art-house cinema mixing 3D CGI with dark themes. Technology will take another jump forward in 2011, and we will also get closer to making space travel accessible to civilians with an increased presence of private companies investing in space.

If Monarchy was a planet which one would that be?
A gas giant, slowly orbiting its sun, safely beyond the habitable zone, communicating in slow-speak with it’s attendant moons.

Kylie Minogue: Better Than Today (Monarchy Kylie Through The Wormhole Remix)

Download Monarchy’s new remix of Kylie’s ‘Better Than Today’ here.

In case you misssed it, grab Monarchy’s amazing winter mix here.

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Interview: Rex The Dog

November 18th, 2010

An interview with a dog? Not any dog. Rex The Dog is coming for the first time in Athens this Saturday (20/11) at Philipp Champagne Bar, as a special guest of of the “BeDazzler” parties (free entrance). We asked the famous Rex The Dog to join us for a ride. Beep. Beep. Bop. Klonk!!!

My favourite destination is…
…anywhere with FOOD AND GIRLS.
My co-driver is…
In the trunk I carry…
…a blanket and tyre and a broken Ensoniq DP4+ (it’s the truth).
I leave behind…
…a goddam mess.
The car stereo plays…
…everything right now. Most of it is boring. Not my decision.
I speed up when…
…I eat chocolate or rat.
I hit the brake when…
If I see a hitch hiker…
…ha ha, not my decision but if we pick one up, then I kiss them.
If I lose my way…
…I follow my wet nose.
If I run out of gas…
…I walk.
If I wasn’t a dog…
…I would be a dinosaur and kick everybody’s ass, tyrannosaurus REX!
My future plans are…
…sleeping, eating, licking and kissing your face!


Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Remix Radio Edit) by Fever Ray

Download it here.

Rex The Dog – Live @ Loveland Festival Amsterdam 14th August 2010 by rexthedog1980

Download it here.

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Interview + Mix: Bottin

November 3rd, 2010
Interviews, Mixtapes

Disco king Bottin is coming for the first time in Thessaloniki this Friday (5/11) at Partizan as a special guest of the popular ‘Can You Relate?’ parties and promises a “disco horror” night. The Venice-based musician, producer and dj talked to Lagasta about disco, disco and disco. Yes, Italians Do It Better and Bottin is here to prove it. Related!

Lagasta: Discocracy or Discocrazy?
Bottin: Discocracy doesn’t really mean anything. I really like the sound of the word itself. It then evolved in the kind of masonic artwork that Francesco Meneghini designed for the Eskimo 12″. I sort of like the idea of a secret society promoting disco in obscure ways. Many stores and reviewers mistaken the word for Discocrazy, which makes me smile. For me disco is basically an umbrella term I use for the dance music I like to play out, not only proper disco. Tracks belonging to difference genres, but that are all musically enthralling and not just heavy banging or chainsaw sounding teen electro.

When was your first night at Discotheque?
I was born in 1977 so I was too young to experience the real disco times. Also I wasn’t interested in dance music in the 90s (as a teenager). I was more into acid jazz and funk.

What made you turn to Disco?
Not sure…It was maybe a backwards process in researching where the music I like was coming from. What I like about disco is that whereas typical dance mostly relies on basic beats and minimal basslines elements, disco is a more complex blend of rhythmical, melodic and harmonic elements. There are different layers to it and different ways to listen to it. It’s music that was done by musicians, not by djs. Sometimes they overdid it and soaked the good funk elements in heavy strings arrangements or excessively soulful vocals. Other times they made masterpieces that still sound more modern and more adventurous than contemporary electronica.

What has influenced you in the past years?
Actually, I live in my autistic bubble. No, really I don’t really follow the contemporary “nu disco” scene. Sometimes I find a new record that I like and then I play it out at shows. But all my musical influences come from the past, at least from 30 years ago. Again, I find it very hard to discover interesting music ideas in contemporary productions. Also I have a lot of fun digging out strange unknown records at flea markets! Can’t really beat those discoveries with any new record or, worse, re-edit.

What makes you “Disco” in Venice?
Nobody cares or knows about disco here. And I do not make much publicity of my productions and dj tours, so I’m not helping at all to spread the word. But just recently I was having breakfast in this café at the foot of Rialto bridge and I heard this epic instrumental disco mix playing on the radio. I asked the bartender what it was and it turned out it was a mixtape he did himself in the 70s! He used to be a proper disco dj and told me about his records collection, the “professional dj” license he had to earn, about all the promos the label would send him (he wouldn’t do trades unfortunately). Funny and interesting stories. So, now I know I’m not entirely alone in this town.

How can you escape from a “Disco Horror”?
You don’t. If you think it through, you’ll soon enough realize that you, me, us (the disco freaks) are the horror!

Which are your favoutire tracks at the moment?
I really like Paolo Conte’s new album ‘Nelson’. There’s one track in it, I won’t tell which one, that I’m planning to do a bootleg remix of.

Which is your favourite destination?
Anywhere I haven’t been to already! I like to explore. Although I must say that the more I travel, the more I learned to appreciate my geographical home, which I identify with the Mediterranean countries and cultures. From Ibiza to Istanbul and everything in between really!

Which songs would you love to listen to if you had a car?
I used to have a car. It was a white 4×4 Fiat Panda, old school model. I sold it to an ethnologist who does field research in the African deserts. I heard the Panda has been painted yellow and it’s probably driving into a dune right now. In that scenario I would definitely listen to La Bionda’s ‘Sandstorm’.

What do you love and hate about the Italo-Disco revival?
I neither love nor hate it. I mean there are very many great Italo tracks, especially the not so poppy ones. There are very deep Italo gems that I really love. Truth is that at nearly 90% of Italo is rubbish and musically uninteresting, so not really worth resurrecting. Also most people say Italo this, Italo that, but have little or no idea what Italo was or is. I’ve recently seen an Italo compilation (on a English label) which included Spanish and French songs. I guess it all sounded like Italian to them!

Will disco never die?
Never! Just like rock’n’roll. And polka.

Top-3 things to do when you wake up in Venice?
1. Wake up early, say at around 6am and enjoy the hectic movements of boat deliveries as well as hard working trashmen. It like a parallel universe, but they are really what keep Venice afloat.
2. Go to caffé Lavena in St Mark’s square and have coffee there, inside, at the bar: not sitting down in the square sieged by filthy pigeons.
3. Hear the sirens announcing an exceptionally high tide and subsequently stay in bed until it’s safe to go out without the aid of rubber boots.

What are your plans for 2011?
I’ve been lucky to play in almost 20 countries already. I’d like to reach 25 or even 30 with next year. That mean I’d really love to go to places I haven’t been to yet. Also I’m working a new album, which will hopefully be ready in 2011. So all that, plus having my Russian synthesizer, a Formanta Polivoks, fixed. It has been in the repair shop of over a year now, but I’m keeping the faith!


Bottin shares with us his brand new ‘Discocracy’ Mix:

01. BFR: ‘BFR’ [Unsigned demo]
02. Change: ‘The End’ [Linosaur Edit]
03. Roberto Auser and Alden Tyrell: ‘Blondes & Brunettes’ [Club Mix]
04. Harkin & Raney: ‘Word To The Master’
05. Severed Heads: ‘All Saints Day’ [Bottin’s Severed Headit]
06. Cos-Mes: ‘Chaosexotica’
07. Rotary 76: ‘Cotillon’
08. Bottin: ‘Discocracy’
09. Clio: ‘Faces’
10. Isadora Juice: ‘Donna Automatica’

Download here

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Interview: The Swiss

October 27th, 2010

The last time they were in Athens our feet hurt from dancing. Our favourite live disco band The Swiss from Adelaide is back in town. Tonight the three piece (Sidwho?, Tony Mitolo and Luke Million) are performing at Bios. Do us a favour and don’t miss this one. The Swiss found some the time to drop a line to Last Gas Station about disco, shaking hips, bubbles, French champagne, fast cars, and bodybuilding. Get ready for an epic, disco, synth journey!

La.Ga.Sta.: Why Swiss and not Aussie?
The Swiss: That’s quite funny we’ve been saying that “Australia”, would be a great name for a band. But I think that it would only work outside of Australia. Same goes with The Swiss. It sounds exotic, it is worlds apart from Australia, culturally, geographically, and climate wise too. I just hope that it makes sense in Switzerland.

How would you describe your sound?
We have been told that we are Dance, Disco, Boutique Disco, Progressive Disco, Disco House, Live Disco Disco Bisco Disco, Moustache Disco. So I guess we are … Disco.

What has influenced you in the past years?
Many things have influenced the band over the years. Film, music, literature, sex, fast cars, and bodybuilding just to name a few. As individuals we are into different styles of music. When we come together those influences come out in our playing and form to make what is now The Swiss.

What turns you on?
Shaking hips, bopping bums and sweaty palms.

Where are your favourite places to play?
This is very hard to answer. In the end I guess no matter where we are in the world, once we start playing and the people are dancing you could be anywhere. It doesn’t really change. I mean other than the venue, the sound, the food and a different language for us not to speak it ends up being the same. That’s the great thing about music. It is truly a global art form that transcends international boundaries.

What is missing from the dance music scene nowadays?
There is less of some things and more of others. I don’t think it’s hard to find what you are looking for with a little research. From what I have been lucky enough to see and be a part of in different parts of the world it seems to be a thriving, positive and super fun scene full of productive, nice, helpful people with a few idiots thrown in for good measure.

How do you see today’s Australian electro scene?
It feels like there is almost a second wave of acts coming out of Australia. Acts like the Bag Raiders and Miami Horror releasing debut full-length albums this year is a great sign of things to come. It’s a very exciting time with new and old faces doing good things.

Which are your favoutire tracks at the moment?
Sidwho?: Logg – ‘Lay it on the line’
Luke Million: Patrice Rushen – ‘Forget Me Nots’
Tony Mitolo: Carte Blanche – ‘Do! Do! Do!’

Which is your favourite destination?

Which songs do you love to listen to while driving your car?
I lost my license for the 5th time. I get it back when we go back to Australia. Plus I have an old Vespa which doesn’t have a stereo. Luke listens to classical music because his car speakers are blown and it’s the only genre that doesn’t distort them and Sid seems to always have Arthur Russell on whenever I am in his car.

What are you most excited about right now?
Playing these shows in Europe. I have been really busy over the last few weeks and we have been sidetracked thinking about other things. It has only just hit me now that within 8 hours I will be in Rome getting ready to play the first of the 10 shows we are doing over the next 2 weeks. I personally can’t wait to play some of our new music for you guys. Yeah!!!

Which is the best “Bubble Bath” to use? You should know by now…
Ha! Well…I guess the only baths we like are the ones that are full of people with the bubbles coming overflowing French Champagne.

Will disco never die?
I can honestly say…NO. Whether people call it Disco, or House, or Techno, or whatever. There will always be people dancing to that tribal bass drum going bang! Bang!Bang! Bang!. Thinking about it makes me smile.

Should we expect a full album in 2011?
Yes and we are excited.


So, put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away…

Bubble Bath (radio edit) by The Swiss

Movement Part 1 by The Swiss

Download it here

Annie – Songs Remind Me Of You (The Swiss & Donnie Sloan remix) by The Swiss

Download it here

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