Bot’Ox: “2.4.1” Video

February 19th, 2013

Two months after the release of their dark, slow-driving tune “Basement Love” (watch the video here), our favorite French electro duo Bot’Ox just dropped their new single “2.4.1”, the second track from their upcoming second album “Sans Dormir”. Bot’Ox have once again managed to create a great tune. Here we have the official video for “2.4.1”, directed by Ugo Mangin.

The “2.4.1” EP is out now on I’m a Cliché, backed with remixes by the likes of Sandro Perri, Cosmo Vitelli, Red Axes and Sano.You can stream the full release here. Cosmo Vitelli’s, one half of Bot’Ox, epic remix of “2.4.1” that clocks in at almost nine minutes, gives us another reason to drive.

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