Xinobi: “1975”

Xinobi: “1975”

Finally, Portuguese producer Bruno Cardoso, aka Xinobi, dropped today his long-awaited debut album “1975” on Discotexas, and it was worth the wait. The record contains ten well-crafted tracks of different sounds and different flavors that finds Xinobi blending elements of house, disco and dub with just the right amount of pop sensibility.

From the truly beautiful and introspective opener “They All Feel The Same” to the epic, eight-minute piano-led tune “Bogota”, and from the incredibly catchy “Real Fake” to the quitar-driven, Margarida Encarnação-featuring lead single “Mom And Dad” that could easily be the soundtrack to a Tarantino movie, “1975” is a great ride from start to finish. There’s something for everyone here. Listen for yourself above, and enjoy the ride.

Xinobi’s debut LP “1975” is out now digitally via Discotexas. Buy it here. For those who prefer wax, the double-LP vinyl edition of “1975” (limited to 300 copies worldwide) is available to purchase here.

Stream: John Grant: “Pale Green Ghosts” [Xinobi Remix]


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