Woolfy: “City Lights”

Woolfy: “City Lights”

The last time we heard Simon James operating under his Woolfy alias was last year when the Los Angeles-based producer dropped his great track “Junior’s Throwin Craze” on Public Release. Now, Woolfy, who is also part of Californian duo Woolfy Vs. Projections, makes a welcome with his new solo EP, entitled “City Lights”, which marks his debut release on the mighty Future Classic.

Here, we have the EPs title track, a slow jam driven by marimba sounds and Woolfy’s raw vocals that manages to keeps things loose and carefree. After just a few listens, “City Lights” feels like a perfect summer tune that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

Woolfy’s four-track EP “City Lights”, which features another original track “17” and two remixes by Melbourne’s Francis Inferno Orchestra and LA’s production duo Split Secs, will be available digitally on March 31. You can pick up your 10” here. More great things are on the way. Woolfy Vs. Projections’ new album will drop later this summer via Permanent Vacation.


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