Wild & Free: “Low Pressure (Falqo Remix)”

Wild & Free: “Low Pressure (Falqo Remix)”

Back in May, Los Angeles-based duo Wild & Free, composed of Drew Kramer (of Les Professionnels) and George Cochrane, aka Give In, dropped their superb debut “Low Pressure” EP of two tropical-flavored groovy tunes on RIS Labs. Now, we’re treated to a remix of the EPs title track from Australian newcomer Alexander White, aka Falqo, whose recent single “Sleepy Crusader” is still on repeat mode on our car stereo. On his remix of “Low Pressure”, Falqo transforms the original track into a more disco affair with a laid-back vibe. Just perfect for a windows-down car ride. Grab it for free below, and keep your eyes peeled for more Wild & Free remixes by Daniel T., Hernene, and David Marston.

Download here

Wild & Free: “Tropique”


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