We Draw A: “Glimpse” EP

We Draw A: “Glimpse” EP

Say hello to We Draw A, an enigmatic electro-pop duo from Wroclaw, Poland. They first caught our attention with their very first track, “Tears From The Sun”, a few months ago. A gorgeous summery track that has us begging for more.

Today we are delighted to premiere We draw A’s superb debut EP, entitled “Glimpse”, for Kamp!’s label, Brennnessel Records. From their studio bedroom sessions, four sensual tracks were born that sound like the perfect soundtrack for every Sunday ride. Expect mesmerizing dreamy melodies combined with a subtle blend of unpretentious melancholic disco.

We Draw A’s “Glimpse” EP will be available for free download tomorrow. In the meantime, you can stream the full release exclusively on La.Ga.Sta., and download the blissed-out track “Bound To Love”, one of our favorite cuts from the release, for free. Get involved.

Download the track “Bound To Love” here

Update: Download the full EP here


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