Tronik Youth: “Breathe”

Tronik Youth: “Breathe”

London-based producer and DJ Tronik Youth returns with his first original single “Breathe” since the release of last year’s “I Know”, and it is certainly nice to have him back. This feel-good song is a “collaboration with my younger brother who makes folk music. After I played him a Hot Chip LP he loved it and said let’s make a track. I sent him a beat and a riff and he came up with the vox in a day”, says Tronik Youth. The “Breathe” EP is out today and comes complete with fine remixes by the likes of Drop Out Orchestra, Dublin Aunts, Holmes Price, and Shit Hot Soundsystem. You can stream the full release here.
We are delighted to share with you Australian’s duo Dublin Aunts amazing dub version of “Breathe”, a groovy, piano-driven mix that will definitely put you in the right mood. Download it for free below, exclusively on La.Ga.Sta. Buy the “Breathe” EP here.

Download here

Drop Out Orchestra will be DJ’ING/playing live at Queen of Hoxton in London, the Tronik Youth Club, on October 26th. Be there!


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