Tiger & Woods: “No More Talking”

Tiger & Woods: “No More Talking”

Absolute fire from Italian disco maestros Tiger & Woods. Taken from their two-track “Scoring Clubs Pt. 2” EP, “No More Talking” finds the pair strikes gold once again, delivering a sublime tune of disco-looping goodness that features a great sample of Rainbow Team’s 1982 track “Bite The Apple”. The “Scoring Clubs Pt. 2” EP marks Tiger & Woods’ debut release on their new label T&W Records, a “home to all things Tiger & Woods, from legit sample songs and upbeat boogie beats to darker deeds.” It follows on from “Scoring Clubs Pt. 1”, released last year on Editainment and Running Back.

The “Scoring Clubs Pt. 2″ EP is out now on vinyl. Pick up your 12” here.

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