The Working Elite: “Rockman”

The Working Elite: “Rockman”

The Working Elite, the Berlin-based duo of Thomas “Saap” Sabrowsky and Daniel “D´LonelyAl” Nentwig, land on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space with their four-track “Bumper Cars” EP. Following a killer acid-piano house 12” and contributing a Test Pressing-certified new-disco chug to a split release with Tuff City Kids (both) on Terre des Pommes in 2014, The Working Elite further refine their ability to soundtrack festivities with a superb record, which features two original tracks “Rockman” and “Born Again”. The EPs first single “Rockman” is an ’80s-inspired tune of synth goodness.

The “Bumper Cars” EP, which comes complete with two remixes by Lauer & Saap, arrives on September 21 on Beats In Space.

Pre-order it here.


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