The Swiss: “Kiss To Kiss” EP

The Swiss: “Kiss To Kiss” EP

After releasing their “Elouisa” EP back in June, our beloved The Swiss, the Australian disco-loving duo of Luke Million and Tony Mitolo, have returned with their second EP, “Kiss To Kiss”, for Kitsuné, and it’s a great one. The release features two original tracks, “Kiss To Kiss” and “Golden Century”, and three remixes of the title track by the likes of Breakbot, Pyramid, and Amtrac.

Featuring vocals from Roxane Ashly Aiston, best known for her previous work with Cordova on “Paradigm”, the seven-plus-minute extended version of “Kiss To Kiss” is a perfectly crafted piece of synth-pop heaven. Make sure to check out Breakbot’s stunning remix of “Kiss To Kiss” and the epic, soundtrack-like, instrumental track “Golden Century”, another classy tune from The Swiss.

Update: Grab Pyramid’s tasty remix of “Kiss To Kiss” for free below.

Download here

The “Kiss To Kiss” EP is out now digitally. Get it here.

mpFree: The Swiss: “Connect”


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