The Glimmers: ‘Whomp That Vinyl!’

The Glimmers: ‘Whomp That Vinyl!’

The Glimmers’ new pure dance album ‘Whomp That Sucker!’ will be released in October on Gomma Records. The album is a collection of dance tracks made with long time friend Ray Mang (recently signed to DFA). In their own words: “This time there are no musicians involved. Nothing is recorded live. No guest appearances, no pop or rock stars on vocals, no hypes. This time we only serve pure discoid house beats, analogue synths, bleeps, bass and FX and a few gimmicks here and there. Play it very loud and be in a different state of mind for best results”. Stream the 4-track album sampler below:

Glimmers – Whomp That Vinyl!

Download ‘Whomp That Sucker’ here.


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