Tendts: “Who Are The Pleiadians” Video

Tendts: “Who Are The Pleiadians” Video

Directed by Woo Productions Limited.

Greek brotherly duo Tendts are making “music that you can dance to, or not!” The compositions of Christos and Fotis Papadakis are both emotive and movement inducing, even though they are written and structured with disparate elements that refuse to fall into obvious patterns. They consist of palpitating beats, imaginative textures, seductive melodies and sporadic bursts of treated vocals.

Following on from a slew of quality releases, the duo have now returned with their new EP “It’s Everywhere”, a concept six-tracker soundtracking Tendts’ intergalatic encounter with The Pleiadians (dimension traversing Nordic aliens to the unenlightened) at the far edge of the universe. One of our favorite cuts from the record, the EPs opener “Who Are The Pleiadians”, gets a trippy video that we’re delighted to premiere it on La.Ga.Sta.

The “It’s Everywhere” EP, backed with a stellar remix from Palmbomen, is out now on Lower Parts. Buy it here.


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