Telfort: “Until Now (Julius Steinhoff Version)”

Telfort: “Until Now (Julius Steinhoff Version)”

Edinburgh-based producer Telfort is back with a new 12”, titled “Soon I Will Embark On A Journey”, which marks his third EP on his own TLFT label following “In A Good Place” and “Lickety Split”.

The record features two original tracks, the evocative and soul-stirring “Soon I Will Embark On A Journey” and the hazy and hypnotic “Until Now”. It also features a great reinterpretation of “Until Now” from Julius Steinhoff, co-founder of Smallville Records and half of Smallpeople. Serene and smooth but equally stomping and floor-ready, the melancholic strings and trickling percussion slowly develop and captivate in a sublime and entirely fitting rework. Give it a spin above, and enjoy the ride.

Telfort’s “Soon I Will Embark On A Journey” EP drops on July 28th via Rubadub Distribution.

Stream the whole thing here, and pre-order your 12” here.


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