Tear Council: “Anywhere”

Tear Council: “Anywhere”

Let’s take a ride with Sydney’s Tear Council, the new project of Van She’s Matt Van Schie, who also operates as one half of Du Tonc, and Michael Di Francesco, also known as Touch Sensitive. Back in 2009 Matt teamed up with Michael Di Francesco to write “Journey”, a single from his “Balmy Nights” EP. This was the beginning of Tear Council, an outlet for Matt’s “more emotional outpourings”. Now the journey continues with Tear Council’s fantastic debut single “Anywhere”, once again co-written with Michael. It’s a synth-driven ’80s throwback with Matt Van Schie’s signature vocals. Colour us excited!

The single “Anywhere” drops on February 13th via Personal Best Records.
Pre-order your copy here.


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