Talamanca System: “Balanzat”

Talamanca System: “Balanzat”

International Feel founder Mark Barrott, who last graced us with his superb debut album “Sketches From An Island”, has joined forces with Running Back label boss Gerd Janson to create a great balearic house gem called “Balanzat” under the collaborative moniker Talamanca System. This six-plus-minute blissful tune will instantly transport you to your own paradise island. Press play and float away.

The “Balanzat” EP, the first (and perhaps only) release from Talamanca System, comes complete with a twisted Acid Reflux, a stomping remix by Tuff City Kids and an ambient reprise in the Beat Box Mix. The record is out now digitally via International Feel. Get it here.

mpFree: International Feel: “Be With Me Tonight”


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