Sunday Drive #374

Sunday Drive #374

This Sunday we take a ride with Charlie Charlie, the brainchild of LA-via-Stockholm DJ and producer Gabriella Borbély, also known as Stockholm’s deep house virtuoso Bella Boo and Jens Resch, also known as prodigious producer/musician Chords.

Born on a beach in Southern California instead of their hometown Stockholm, the duo’s debut LP “Little Things” is exactly what you would hope for such a record to be: pop music that is informed by hippie or counter culture and by a Balearic ethos (hence the International Feel address) that is free of blinkered definitions.

In equal parts, the duo’s ten songs take the listener through honey dripping R&B, while respelling that certain Californian recording studio sound aesthetic, revisit vintage yacht rock and pop tropes as well as they are reflecting dance music influences in a broken, yet gold framed mirror. Most of all, it’s like a day dream that you don’t want to end. To quote our Italian friends from Edizioni Mondo: good listening experience. One of the record’s standout cuts is “Hill St”. Enjoy the ride.

The “Little Things” LP is out now via International Feel.

Pick up your copy here.


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