Studio Paradiso: “Ohana”

Studio Paradiso: “Ohana”

Los Angeles producer Michael David, one half of our beloved Classixx, is now flying solo under his new moniker Studio Paradiso. His debut release, a two-track 12” called “Ohana”, will drop next month on the newly formed label Distant Works, which LA’s producer/DJ Daniel.T. (of Cosmic Kids fame) co-runs alongside friend and frequent collaborator Cooper Saver. The EPs title track, a finely crafted smooth jam, finds him in such fine form. What a great start for the label.

In Studio Paradiso’s own words: “These are two instrumental songs that I’ve been meaning to finish for a little while. ‘Ohana’ is based on a lot of songs that I grew up listening to on 94.7 The Wave, LA’s smooth jazz station. ‘Samurai Dreams’ was a soft-porn that David Cronenberg directed as an insert for Videodrome. I thought it would be fun to score it, and so the song came together as an exercise.

Studio Paradiso’s “Ohana” 12” will drop on August 24th on Distant Works. Pre-order it here.

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